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Economists Polarized On Trump’s Tariff Plan

Economists are polarized on Trump’s…

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The Pros And Cons Of The Federal Interest Rate Hike

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Snap Shares Tank Over ‘Slap Rihanna’ Campaign

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Market Update: Check this out!

This article will present to you how members gained today with tradingmarketsignals.com in which four signals on the Dow Jones, Eur/usd, Gbp/usd and Crude Oil were provided. THE TOTAL WAS 230 POINTS! Read on...

Tradingmarketsignals.com is evolving in a big way and with it we're looking to introduce further new areas such as a live trading room. The current method of email signals is producing phenomenal success for current members. We're getting phenomenal feedback from traders who actually want signals AND want to learn to trade for themselves. Therefore another new section will consist of pure unbiased charts which members will have access to new charts every single day and with it the charts will show clearly where too pounce on Long or Short entries.

It's the best time to join Tradingmarketsignals.com and at the best rate as the annual membership of $225 ends on 14th Junes 2010 after which new members can obtain monthly membership at $74 per month.

Thousands and thousands of you have seen our articles in which we have demonstrated the way we view the markets with such precision but with also such ease. Many of you have taken advantage from what you've read and now have come on board in which you're enhancing your basket of success further. But for those of you who are wandering what all the fuss is about well we have the following charts and TMS system signals that went out today in which hours later traders had the weeks work done even though we've got more to gain from the rest of the week as today it's only Wednesday!

Dow Signal - A quick 50 pointer today!

This chart was provided preciously in which we stated the market must decide which channel it is sitting in the wider red channel or the channel that is made with the faint pink line. Also not that after the action has taken place the chart on the right has the pink line place higher as although the market did not 'stay' in this channel it is now finding resistance to it!

You also need to note the 10000 level which is the pivot level for the past few weeks. As you can see the market is clearly hovering above it and under with no clear break in mind.

So what did we do today with the Dow Jones?

Well we sent out this signal via email: TMS system is firing an additional long on the Dow Jones should we get a 15 minute candle close above 10000.

Please note we had already taken a ride up with a buy signal at 9858. But the following chart shows what the quick signal above was all about and how it produced a gain of 50 points in just 30 minutes and why was it time to get out before the quick turnaround later in the day:

So we got a close above 10000 at 10008 with a 15 minute candle and members went long at 10008. The danger kicked in as the indicator at the bottom flagged the turn so 30 minutes an easy 50 points was made!

GBP.USD Signal - A quick 60 pointer!

This was the signal sent via email to members: TMS system is firing another long at 14538 for the GBP which should be exited for a quick move at a max of 100 points. Original signal is still long from way below!

Of course the system fired the signal as we got an hourly close above the green resistance line at 14538. Four Hours later the trade produced a quick 60 points as the indicator at the bottom issued a danger flag;

EUR.USD Signal - A quick 30 pointer!

The following TMS system signal was emailed to members: If the Euro closes above 12020 on the hourly candles the TMS system is to fire another long signal and again this signal will be for a quick move, please exit in line with your satisfaction of the gains and your risk appetite. 50 to 100 points would be nice.

Again the trade triggered as we got an hourly close above 12020 at 12038 which was the long signal. Soon after the move was rapidly exhausted and our indicator along the bottom gave the red flag to get out in which 30 points was gained.

Crude Oil Signal - A quick 90 Pointer!

The following signal was emailed to members today:

TMS system will be long on Crude Oil should we get a 30 minute candle close above $7350.

However TMS system may prompt a short after this long signal should price reach near the levels of $75. In which case you should look to take quick gains should the long signal be triggered and wait for more news on the short signal...

You just won't get much more clarity then this anywhere! The long was triggered at $74 and the red flag with the indicator was given at $75 not to forget that the signal email also stated a $75 warning. A nice quick and easy 90 points! Not bad at all...

230 points in one day with a few hours vision all presented by tradingmarketsignals.com!

With moves like this the monthly fee should be $225 but until Monday 14th June 2010 the whole year is that price. New members will be joining at a flat rate of $74 per month from Monday onwards. Come join us, we'll read the markets to you, you trade and learn from the signals and then become a professional after some time with us as experience will get you your goals!

Join now with the special link below, only valid until Monday 14th June 2010. http://tradingmarketsignals.com/#/flash-crash-price/4540799314

Until next time, remember:

Trading Market Signals
...the hub of unbiased technical analysis!


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