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Steve Bauer

Steve Bauer

Steve owned a privately held asset management firm and managed individual investor and corporate accounts as a Registered Investment Advisor - for over 40 years.

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Investing Wisely -- Update with Recommendations and Personalized Follow-Up

Brief Intro:

I have been asked to share the Professional (Client) Services I offer.

Well, there are just two. Both are Asset Management Services - one Conservative and the other a bit more Aggressive.

This Posting is 100% Commercial and therefore You may want to pass on reading it and wait until the Weekend for my General Market Update. I do not Update every week and this Posting will only be made - infrequently.

Please - SCROLL DOWN to my: Description of Services -- and perhaps skip the following - Narrative.


For me, Investing Wisely simple boils down to two questions - What and When?

With the incredible quantity of chatter available on the Internet and with thousands of investments being touted as - worthy of your investment money - what is a serious Investor to do in times like this and beyond?

Clearly - Investment risk must be assessed carefully, therefore to take a long or a short position needs more than just good fundamentals or technical analysis that seems to make sense.

I read an enormous amount of material each day, most of which is good, however it is rare to find even a single specific recommendation or even generic recommendation such as gold, energy or technology, etc. Excellent Analytics and Specific and Timely investment decisions are what makes you money, and I believe loading one's head with tons of details deters from that goal. Further, when I do find a recommendation or two, in my reading, there has never been an offer to tell me and others when to close out the recommended transaction without a fee - or something similar !

* Stock Brokers want to sell you something but never call and say - it's time to sell. Hum!

* Mutual Funds keep you invested - rain or shine and love charging their annual fees, which are much higher than advertised. They say - "read the prospectus". Hum!

For over 50+ years I have continued to develop and sharpen my skills of -- Sector, Industry Group, Commodity, Company and ETF -- Rotation.

My Rotation Methodology is simply - Cycle Analytics. With this tool it is rather easy identifying the specific Sectors, Industry Groups, Commodities and their (Component Companies and ETFs) that are in favor. And as a result from these studies / analytics, we also (by default) learn - what securities (Companies and ETFs) are not in favor. That's equally Important!

With all the advice that is offered on a daily basis, over these many years, I have found it impossible to cross-reference that - constant flow of advice and opinions with anything tangible that says - this is a solid reason to own a given / specific security.

So, over the coming months, I would like to share some specific Bull Market recommendations as well as Bear Market recommendations, But, you should know that I believe, (luke warm - doesn't work) -- for you to make this work profitably for you over the long term, you must personally have / possess two very precious personal attributes - Patience and Discipline.

In sharing this incredible Methodology of knowing whether the General Market, Sectors, Industry Groups, Commodities, Companies and ETFs - are worthy of your investment money - I have found that - all you need to know is -- if they (Securities) are - Going-To or Coming-From. This is what securities "Rotation" is all about. So, for example, from a Research / Analytics point of view - it's all about being able to identify - What (which ones) and When (time and date) they (specific securities) change from Going-To to Coming From. That's how I go about identifying - Tops and being sure that - the Inflection Point - is accurate for that specific security at that specific time. (It's just the opposite for identifying - Bottoms).

Understand that, I believe, each security has its own signature and its rate and time table of change is different from most all other securities. And, each security often changes their signature just to snafu both you and the Analyst. That's why you, quite likely do not enjoy a high percentage of profitable transactions. This is to say - all the Companies / ETFs in a Sector or even an Industry Group do not move in unison (Wall Street and Mutual Funds want you to believe they do!), month after month and year after year. However there are those (a few) that do, allow you to clearly read their signature, and they can be readily identified long before decision day to invest.

Inflection Points - both Bull and Bear, within the General Market, only occur, on average, 3 - 5 times per year. When they occur, we often have a great deal of lead time for preparation and very little time to respond or implement. At these critical Inflection Points you simple do not have the time to dink around looking at your investment tools, or reading what Harry or Sam think, as a luxury or a form of procrastination. Harry / Sam, and their peers have screwed up more opportunities for profitable investing than you can imagine. This is true on the Buying / Shorting side and also true on the Selling / Covering side.

My Methodology for Wise Investing, has preformed brilliantly for me, for many years and is anything but a "Trading" approach. Its repeatability is very consistent and accurate but does not occur on yours' or my time clock.

So, I invite your to take the time to follow along and you will be both amazed and profitable pleased.

From time to time and with the cooperation of Safe Haven, I will publish this (same) article with specific recommendations and/or and updated commentary. If I have nothing to recommend, which is often - I will provide an Update about every two weeks.

Description of Services :

The first is for the -- ProActive / Conservative Investor:

For over 50 years, I have offered a very consistently profitable Asset Management Program to folks who are seeking an above average profitable annual return.

Over the years (experience) -- there are about 3 - 6 conservative times per year to Invest Wisely.

Within this - conservative program, one should expect an annual return of 19% - 20% or more per year.

The first focus I make when recommending securities to invest your money is -- RISK ! Within this program, I believe the risk to be quite low.

Securities Focus: Both Long and Short Positions where there is High or Reasonable High Quality and the Price Volatility is Moderate.

The second is for the -- ProActive / Aggressive Trader:

In recent years, I have begun to offer a more aggressive Asset Management Program / Investment Style to folks who want both - more action (frequency of trades) and the opportunity to earn a higher annual Rate of Return - ( ROI ).

With my more aggressive approach to Investing Wisely -- there are 5 - 8 times, per year, to invest. Clearly, if profitable, the more times one invests his / her money the higher the expected annual return should be.

Within this - more aggressive program, one should expect an annual return of 30 + % or more per year.

Most Investors understand - the higher the expected return carries a burden of the fact that a higher risk - comes with the package. Securities that produce a higher return most often have a higher risk factor! That is definitely true in this program. However, like in my conservative program, the first focus I make when recommending securities to invest you money is -- RISK!

Securities Focus: Both Long and Short Positions where there is no Quality restriction and the Price Volatility is often Very High and the Selling Price is often low - perhaps as low as $3.00 per share.

There you have it. Should you have questions, please feel free to ask.

The Record:

I believe, anyone writing about Investing in the Stock Market (Stocks / ETFs, etc.) has both an obligation of integrity and a unique test to pass - with and for all of you ! It's not enough for me to propound my Methodology or share with you - why my Rotation is so successful, etc. - my stuff will either fit in their / your logic (Investment Philosophy) - or it won't. It's that simple!

Further, my postings must help you make money. So, it's been a goal of mine for many years to devise an honest way for you (the private Investor) to accurately track the performance of my Recommendations - SafeHaven provides that opportunity for me.

That's why, I openly make Recommendations for you to follow. I do ask that you contact me, if you would like the Sell, or in the case of short-selling, the Cover side of my Recommendations.

When I Sell / Cover a Company or ETF -- I notify you by Email, just as if you were a Client. ( I also track, on an Excel Spreadsheet, the performance of each one of my Recommendations by - Time-frame Grouping.) You can get a copy by request or from time to time I will publish - The Record - here in SafeHaven.

One final caveat. I want to make very clear that I am seeking Clients. I do not intend to freely publish my Recommendations - forever. And - you as an individual investor need to do your own careful asset allocation to determine which of these Companies / ETFs -- I Recommend -- if any -- fit your investment philosophy and style of investing.

So far, with SafeHaven I have only one completed Grouping of investments.

Those were as of April 8th. All were profitable, average 12.95%. Details are available upon request.

The past is wonderful to talk about and I have over 50 professional years of a "past." They were very profitable - the last 40+ years with an average ROI of over 19 % for the ProActive / Conservative Investor. That's the past -- the future is my focus.

Note: A brief explanation of the above paragraph. I maintain 2 Personalized Asset Management Programs for Clients. These services are for both - the ProActive / Conservative Investors and the ProActive / Aggressive Trader. The Trader should expect an average ROI of 30+%. Details about these services are available upon request.

If you would like the Sale / Cover side to my specific Recommendations, Information about my Work, or of me Personally - just send an Email and I will respond promptly.

I also maintain a conservative yet proactive Blog focused on Rotation which I will make available to those of you who may wish to be in contact with me. It is Updated - 2 - 3 times per week.

However, please understand that it is important to me to know a bit about you - - so, I will ask you share with me a little personal information and a little investment background with your goals and objectives - just to get acquainted. Time will tell if there is a fit with what I do and your investment needs and objectives.

Just click on my name (below) for my Email Address.

Thank you for your interest in my work, methodology and on going record.

Smile, have fun - Investing Wisely,


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