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TMS: Euro and Sterling Short Term Action and Long Term Analysis


Trading is not difficult and it really isn't a requirement to obtain big moves every time.

With that in mind our TMS system signals on the GBP.USD and the EUR.USD gained a total of 160 points with pure ease.

Short term Euro Moves

Short Term Euro

The small green circle was the first entry at 13030 and the second green circle was the second system entry at 131. Did we really require a move to the bottom of the red channel for an exit? No as the TMS system exited at 13010 providing a total gain of 110 points for the Euro on Friday.

Short term Sterling Moves

Short Term Sterling

The first small green circle was our first TMS entry at 15635 and then once again a second entry was provided shown by the second green circle at the same level of 15635. The blue line has been the pivot line at 156 for the last few sessions and from a pure safety perspective we exited at 15610 providing a total gain of 50 points.

So from the two currencies a 160 points gain is impressive but the key is picking the right entries and having a plan to exit with evaluation of the markets as they are moving. Could we have looked for larger moves over the short term? Of course many may have but TMS didn't feel the need to as 160 points was significantly enough. The GBP.USD closed at 15700 with this in mind, too much anticipation just highlights the risk attached to your trade for the market to destroy your prosperous chances of gaining.

Long Term Sterling

Long Term Sterling

Clearly the Sterling has been moving upwards since make lows above 140 but with this in mind do we see an extension of such upside?

It would be likely that the Sterling stage further upside but this does not change the dynamics on the Long Term front. The orange circle area has significant issues and TMS cannot see anything above 170. We can see 140 again though and a snap of the lower blue line base line will produce absolute havoc for the bearish scenario.

Long Term Euro

Long Term Euro

July was a bullish month for the Euro but does this current price action take us from 130 to 140 or down to 120?

The Downward sloping blue channel has been the framework for price action so far over the past few years. A continuation in this framework could produce both 140 and 120 with ease. However we are somewhat pessimistic about seeing 140 and our reasoning is that our yellow intersecting lines have given the Euro problems in the past. In 2008 we declined viciously and then started to bounce in volatile fashion however the yellow line was hit and sent us back to lows at that point. Further upside will be likely but the rise from the low can be halted. July/September will be detrimental to how the long term scenario shapes out.

How about you follow the action in our new live room with intraday/short term and position TMS system signals? Evaluate, digest and strike your mouse at the right time with us at tradingmarketsignals.com.

With this in mind we have decided to execute an offer which will be valid only until 4th August 2010 so that you can obtain a chance to come on board and obtain the trading rush & buzz that members are experiencing at TMS.


Our short term system signals netted 668points for the FTSE and the Dow Jones in which an exit email was sent out on the 13th July in which the upward action was rewarding!

If you like what you read and would like to gain insight on position trading style signals on five major markets. Or perhaps you want to add clarity to your short term trading with our signals which are fired via email and by a live forum room platform then this chance to join is simply the best. http://tradingmarketsignals.com/#/tms-annual-membership-offer/4542738012

You can email me directly with any queries: info@tradingmarketsignals.com


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