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Economists Polarized On Trump’s Tariff Plan

Economists Polarized On Trump’s Tariff Plan

Economists are polarized on Trump’s…

Counter-Trend Trading

Silver continues to closely follow the 92' Nikkei unwind, finding support today where the comparative had expected it would. It seems reasonable to us that the precious metals sector could find further countertrend strength next week - while the equity markets play catch-up on the downside.

1992 Nikkei 2013 Silver (SLV)
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1992 Nikkei 2013 Silver
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This would be reflected in the silver:gold/SPX performance spread coming in over the short-term - as it has in the past after the equity markets have pivoted down.

Silver:Gold SPX Performance Spread
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We do not expect the euro to continue the countertrend strength it enjoys today; rather, anticipate it to perform poorly in a broader risk-off environment. This would be a character change as well for the US dollar - running against the grain of the equity markets.

2011 Euro 2013 Euro - A Mirrored Pivot
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Euro:US Dollar Index
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Like the miners, Apple may find a countertrend bid in the face of broader equity market weakness as it flirts with its 150 week SMA. In the past, the 150 week SMA has proved to be initial support with the backside unwind of the parabolic mega-caps (see Here). While we had anticipated a deeper weekly RSI imprint for a tradable low, we are open to the possibility that similar to the miners - the positive divergence extends as the asset stair-steps lower over time.

2013 Apple
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RUT:SPX 1992-1997 2008-2013
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As always - Stay Frosty.


Recent Market Anthropology Reference Notes:

* All stock chart data originally sourced and courtesy of www.stockcharts.com

* Subsequent overlays and renderings completed by Market Anthropology


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