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The Gold COPS Have Arrived

Graceland Updates 4am-7am
Jun 25, 2013

  1. The bearish sentiment in the gold market has become almost surreal.

  2. Jim "mighty man" Rogers believes the current bearishness in gold and silver is surpassed only by the bearishness in sugar.

  3. I agree, and on that note, please click here now. That's the daily sugar chart. I've covered almost all my short positions, and now I'm betting that sugar surges towards the 20 cent area.

  4. While sugar is a key food asset that I'll own for life, the main reason I show you this chart is because it can be a leading indicator for silver.

  5. If sugar can rise above the red supply line on that chart, it could attract hedge fund momentum players , in both the sugar and silver markets.

  6. Please click here now. You are looking at the daily silver chart. Note my stokeillator, at the bottom of the chart. The red lead line is at about 18, and the blue line is near 22.

  7. When the lines cross, a technical buy signal is generated, but traders should try to anticipate the signal. By the time the lines cross, the silver price is usually rallying already.

  8. I like to use my "PGEN" (my pyramid generator) to buy silver & gold, when the lead stokeillator line goes under 20 on the daily chart. The PGEN systematically allocates capital, in any price range chosen by the investor.

  9. Please click here now. That's the daily gold chart. The lead line of the stokeillator is at about 18. The blue signal line is near 28.

  10. Gamblers in the gold community should buy gold and silver now. It's unknown whether the metals stage a big rally as the stokeillator lines cross, or whether they just drift sideways.

  11. If gold can rally to HSR (horizontal support & resistance) near $1320, sell those trading positions.

  12. My GU Trader gold and GDX day trading service is interesting. We're well in the "black" since before the April crash occurred, even though most trades are on the long side. If you are a gambler with interest in day trading, send me an email to stewart@gutrader.com and I'll send you the details. Thanks.

  13. The bond market is probably in serious trouble. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. That's the weekly T-bond chart. There's a huge head and shoulders top pattern in play.

  14. A rally to somewhere between 141.44 and 145.81 is possible. If that happens, I plan to short bonds fairly aggressively.

  15. The April "TIC" report showed a shocking drop in foreign ownership of US government debt.

  16. Interest rates normally rise as business conditions improve, and money flows from bonds into stocks.

  17. If the economy is strengthening, as Ben Bernanke suggests it is, then US stock markets should rally as bond prices fall.

  18. That was happening, but now money is pouring out of both bonds and stocks, and the dollar can barely rally at all. This is quite concerning.

  19. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. That's the weekly chart of the Dow. While it could probably rally a bit in the short term, I'd like you to note the "oscillator train wreck" that is in play on this chart. The 12,26,9 MACD indicator series looks particularly gruesome, and it is followed by a lot of institutional traders.

  20. Over the past two months, every member of the gold community has been literally inundated with bearish gold and gold stock price targets. The good news is that none of the statements of the gold bears carry any shock value now.

  21. You've heard it all. There is no lower gold price that you haven't heard about, and bashing gold now seems almost as common as cheering technology stocks was in 1999.

  22. That doesn't mean "The final low is in, and now it's parabola time!" for gold, silver and metal stocks. What it does mean is these investments offer good value to investors.

  23. Bank analysts tend to "go with the flow". When the gold price rises, they issue higher price targets. When gold falls, they issue continuously lower ones. I've noticed a change at the banks. The analysts are starting to focus less on bearish technical analysis, and more on bullish fundamental analysis.

  24. The "COP" factor is coming into play; the cost of producing gold. Gold is currently trading below $1300, which is quite close to the cost of production. Fundamental analysts at the banks believe the supply of gold is going to decline now, while demand remains stable, and that will put a floor under the price. I agree with the bank analysts. In my professional opinion, the COP factor, not QE, is what will attract thousands of institutions to gold stocks in 2013 - 2014. Somebody knew gold stock investors were being robbed by the naked short hedge funds, and they have dispatched the gold "cops" to the rescue!

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