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Gold Rises in Major Currencies

Weekly Markets
Precious Metals - EUR/Gold, Gartman, UBS & HSBC
Oil - Up nearly 20% in 2 weeks & Henry Kissinger
Commodities - Jim Rogers on Commodities
Currencies - Euro referendum effects exaggerated?
Bonds - Greenspan's 'conundrum' continues
Stocks - Flat for the week

Weekly Commentary
International Property as 'Diversification'
Real Diversification in Gold &
Optimal Asset Allocation

Julian Robertson interviewed on CNBC
Our Unbalanced Global Economy

Performance ( % Change)
   Current Level   5 Days   1 Year   5 Year 
Gold 423.10  +0.9%  +9.1%  +55.5% 
Silver 7.49  +3.0%  +31.2%  +53.2% 
S&P 1,196.02  -0.2%  +6.7%  -15.9% 
Nasdaq 2,071.43  -0.2%  +5.7%  -40.1% 
ISEQ 6,294.07  +1.1%  +20.5%  +25.4% 
FTSE 4,999.40  +0.3%  +13.0%  -21.4% 
USD/EUR 0.8147  +1.9%  -0.4%  -24.3% 
OIL (Nymex) 55.03  +6.1%  +40.1%  +81.3 

Weekly Markets

Stock markets were largely down for the week.
Bond markets rallied with a corresponding drop in yields.
Precious metals and commodities were up and oil significantly.

Precious Metals

Gold was up $3.80 or 0.91% for the week. It closed at $423.10 per ounce.

Silver continued to rally and was up from $7.27 to $7.49 per ounce or 3.03% for the week and just off 2 and ½ month highs.

Platinum (July) was up more than 1%, finishing at $874 from $863 per ounce

Palladium (June) was largely unchanged at $184.35 per ounce.

World Gold Council

Once again investment analyst Dennis Gartman, author of 'The Gartman Letter' and frequent contributor on CNBC and Bloomberg, has nailed his colours to the mast regarding his belief that gold is now in a long term bull market in all currencies. This is significant as Gartman is no 'goldbug'. In fact he is the darling of Wall Street and is highly respected and followed by large hedge funds and financial institutions.

Gartman is bullish on gold especially in Euro terms: "Despite our antipathy to the arguments put forth by the "Gold bugs," for once they may be right. Gold is becoming a currency once again . . . if one is now suspect of owning the EUR then one is left to own the only other real source of international liquidity, gold. We are not happy with this reality, for as our clients know all too well, we do not like the Gold Bugs for we find their conspiratorialist philosophies anathema; but for now, they have the trend right and they've the trading wind at their backs. Should gold in EUR terms trade above EUR 337 for an hour or two or three we'll almost certainly add to the position."

Gold did close above EUR337 and indeed is now challenging multi year resistance at EUR350.

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