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Market Sentiment At Its Lowest In 10 Months

Market Sentiment At Its Lowest In 10 Months

Stocks sold off last week…

Billionaires Are Pushing Art To New Limits

Billionaires Are Pushing Art To New Limits

Welcome to Art Basel: The…

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EWW: Bullish Setup

I have no idea regarding the long-term Elliott Wave Patter, but it does not matter since this is a short-term bullish setup

Reason: Completed a Bullish Falling Wedge

EWW Chart
Larger Image

An Ending Diagonal occurs either in the final wave 5 of an impulsive sequence or in the wave (C) of a Zig Zag / Double Zig Zag

In this case in my opinion from the December high this Ending Diagonal has completed a Zig Zag.

What matters is that a falling wedge is usually followed by a sharp move in the opposite direction, which often retraces back to its origin which is located at 63.89

In addition to the" bullish" wedge we have a postive divergence of the MACD which is dispalying a bullish cross.

Yesterday´s Shooting Star is being neutralized by today´s likely Hammer hence probably from last Friday´s lod price should unfold at least a 3-wave up leg with a potential target in the range 62.67 (0.382 R) - 62.91 (Gap that can be filled). If this gap is filled the next target would be located at 63.89

I am long with a stop at 59.80


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