"No warning can save people determined to grow suddently rich" - Lord Overstone

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  • 5 days Americans Grow Weary Of U.S. Trade Policy
China’s Capital Markets Roiled By U.S. Trade Dispute

China’s Capital Markets Roiled By U.S. Trade Dispute

China’s exciting stock markets have…

Cash Is King Once Again For Wealthy Investors

Cash Is King Once Again For Wealthy Investors

Stock markets are losing their…

Nasdaq Bets Big On The Treasury Market

Nasdaq Bets Big On The Treasury Market

In a bid to leverage…

Buy Bonds for a Trade

Dow Jones Industrial Average   10,593
Value Line Arithmetic Index   1,959
30-Year Treasury Index   4.81%
Gold 1/10 Ounce   $46.58

The Big Picture for Stocks
The 4-year cycle is negative for stocks into 2006.

Technical Trendicator (1-4 month trend):
Stock Prices
Bond Prices   Up
Gold Price   Down

Our Technical Trendicator for bonds has turned up. I am not as confident about the buy signal as I might be because the sentiment has not gotten as bearish as it might for a good buy signal. But we are oversold and the trend indicators are turning up.

It could well be that given the new declining trend in oil, and the recent indicated trend in housing (Toll Brothers lowering of guidance), that the Fed could stop its upward rate pressure on interest rates.

We use the bond ETF (symbol TLT) as the benchmark for bond prices. The previous signal was a sell at 92.96 back in May. It is at 88.71 as I write this. So the model has kept us out during the decline in prices over the last several months. Note our track record in the accompanying table.

If this trade is going to work, bonds should hold near the current price. Put a stop on TLT at 88.12.

2/21/2003 BUY 85.68  
3/14/2003 SELL 89.96 5.00 5.00 5.00    
4/18/2003 BUY 87.80  
6/19/2003 SELL 94.10 7.18 12.53 9.83 2.71 8.3%
8/21/2003 BUY 83.00  
3/26/2004 SELL 89.05 7.29 20.74 3.93 16.80 17.9%
5/20/2004 BUY 82.07  
9/4/2004 SELL 86.24 5.08 26.87 0.65 26.22 25.3%
4/1/2005 BUY 88.73  
5/17/2005 SELL 92.96 4.77 32.92 8.50 24.42 24.6%
11/9/2005 BUY 88.72  
Notes: The Technical Trendicator is a 1 to 4 month market timing model, which in this case is applied to the 30-year Treasury bond. We use the 20+ Year Maturity Exchange Traded Fund (symbol TLT) as the benchmark. Past results do not guarantee future results.

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