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  • 10 hours What Is Bitcoin Really Supposed To Be?
  • 11 hours The Surprising Media Giant Taking On Netflix
  • 12 hours Cybersecurity Stocks Are Red-Hot As Election Looms
  • 13 hours Americans Grow Weary Of U.S. Trade Policy
  • 14 hours What Putin Really Wants From Trump
  • 16 hours Europe’s EV Sales Growth Is Slowing
  • 18 hours The Looming "Hyper-War"
  • 1 day The Real Winners Of The Real Estate Business
  • 1 day 3 Reasons Small-Cap Stocks Are Booming
  • 2 days Chinese IPO Fervor Slows As Xiaomi Disappoints
  • 2 days How Corporate America Is Filling The Gaps In Public Education
  • 2 days Bezos’ Space Flight Gamble
  • 2 days Is This The Answer To High Gasoline Prices?
  • 2 days Netflix Shock Hits FAANG Stocks Hard
  • 2 days Foreign Investors Losing Interest In The U.S.
  • 2 days Chinese Police Bust $1.5B Crypto Gambling Scheme
  • 3 days Can Artificial Intelligence Compete With Real Doctors?
  • 3 days UK Stocks Bounce Back From Worst Selloff In Years
  • 3 days Geopolitical Uncertainty Weighs On Global Markets
  • 3 days Gold May Still Be On Its Way Down
Investors React To Escalating Trade War Drama

Investors React To Escalating Trade War Drama

Stock markets gained a bit…

3 Reasons Small-Cap Stocks Are Booming

3 Reasons Small-Cap Stocks Are Booming

As major market indexes waiver,…

These 3 Industries Are Immune To The Trade War

These 3 Industries Are Immune To The Trade War

U.S. President Donald Trump has…

Marty Chenard

Marty Chenard

Marty Chenard is an Advanced Stock Market Technical Analyst that has developed his own proprietary analytical tools and stock market models. As a result, he…

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Charts and Commentary

According to the Federal Reserve, what group accounts for over 50% of the Stock Market's trading volume? ... and, what are they doing now?

Who is this group? Institutional Investors.

That's why we post daily Institutional updates for our paid subscribers. This morning, we will show you the current price-movement chart for the "core holdings" of Institutional investors.

Below is an 8 month Institutional price chart. From July to August, the Institutional Index formed a rising wedge. Historically, rising wedges break to the downside and continue a down trend.

But ... not this time. It reverted back to the upside and formed a very tight, high inclined channel.

This very thin channel has been nothing short of amazing from a technical standpoint. Since September, the Institutional Index rose to the upper Channel's resistance a total of 12 times. In 100 % of those cases, the index retreated with precision. In 12 out of 12 tries, it never was able to penetrate the resistance.

At the same time, the lower Channel's support was tested 4 times ... and each of those times, the Institutional Index successfully held and moved back up.

The important aspect about the Institutional index, is that it has been the leader in this market up move.

Obviously, small tight channels like this don't go up forever, so when investors see it break down, it will be one of the signs that the big boys will be on a profit taking spree.

Please Note: We do not issue Buy or Sell timing recommendations on these Free daily update pages. I hope you understand, that in fairness, our Buy/Sell recommendations and advanced market Models are only available to our paid subscribers on a password required basis. Membership information


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