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Post Coppock Curve Buy Signal Patterns in Phase Space

My June 6 and June 27 communications argue that 5/30/03 and 4/28/78 are uniquely akin in that the 8 deep and very deep Monthly DJIA Coppock Curve buy signals which have occurred since 12/1/61 pair off into 4 time path patterns (both before and after each signal) with respect to plotting the Six by Ten CI-NCI Ratio against the inverted Six by Ten Trin.

My June 16 communication maintains that those same 8 signals similarly pair off into 4 time path patterns (before each signal) in the phase space reconstructed by dividing the Six by Ten CI-NCI Ratio by 1.0 plus three 17-day moving averages of the 4-day Trin minus the 11-day Trin; and (to scale the vertical axis) taking the natural logarithm of the inverted Six by Ten Trin.

Now, regarding that same phase space (called Cycloops) consider the 250 trading days AFTER each signal (except in the case of 5/30/03 which happened only 24 trading days ago). Once again the time paths pair off into 4 patterns, although 5/30/03's is still too short to classify.

Providing a frame of reference is the light blue geometric figure whose ordinary function is to identify somewhat complementary DJIA sell signals.

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