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Fred Dunkley

Fred Dunkley

Writer, Safehaven.com

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Fred Dunkley is a tech analyst, writer, and seasoned investor. Fred has years of experience covering global markets and geopolitics. 

  • Is Crypto Finally Ready To Pay The Piper?

    Published 12 October 2021 | viewed 585 times

    Last December, the outgoing Trump administration said it was preparing a few measures that would, among other things, strip anonymity from cryptocurrency. However, the Biden…

  • Even The Mafia Has A Millennial Problem

    Published 08 October 2021 | viewed 1,372 times

    Generation warfare goes back to the Greek ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and can be found in the strangest of places, including the mafia.  It is…

  • US Retail Has A Major Supply Chain Problem

    Published 04 October 2021 | viewed 1,688 times

    KFC is out of chicken, and Burger King is short on fries, while Starbucks is bemoaning a coffee crunch, and toilet paper is once again…

  • Top Performing Cannabis Stocks of the Year

    Published 30 September 2021 | viewed 1,637 times

    Let’s just cut to the chase and say it: The cannabis sector has massively underperformed in the current year. Indeed, the world's largest cannabis ETF--ETFMG…

  • The Million-Dollar Question: Will China Bail Out Evergrande?

    Published 24 September 2021 | viewed 1,515 times

    Social unrest is an extremely rare event in China, where “social stability” is practically mandated. That hasn’t stopped retail investors, vendors and even employees of…

  • Bitcoin Is Driven By Testosterone

    Published 22 September 2021 | viewed 1,815 times

    Many agree that bitcoin’s major upside over the last 10 years has largely been the result of FOMO, a fear of missing out. Loosely related…

  • Investors Are Patient With Unprofitable Giants

    Published 14 September 2021 | viewed 2,142 times

    With a billion dollars separating them, Elon Musk recently exceeded Jeff Bezos as the world's second-richest man. Currently, Tesla CEO and co-founder Musk is worth…

  • Central America Is Ready For The Bitcoin Hustle

    Published 08 September 2021 | viewed 2,396 times

    The impoverished Central American nation of El Salvador has just become the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender.  El Salvador…

  • Crypto Crime Nets Another $2B Fraudster

    Published 02 September 2021 | viewed 2,279 times

    Just as reports started to emerge that due to improved security systems, cryptocurrency-related crimes are getting lower, the SEC has charged the founder of a…

  • This Week’s Hottest Meme Stocks

    Published 31 August 2021 | viewed 2,884 times

    Ever since last year’s raucously entertaining and (for some) massively profitable GameStop and AMC Entertainment short squeezes, investors have been looking for the next hot…

  • International Banks Blacklist Afghanistan Following Taliban Takeover

    Published 23 August 2021 | viewed 2,796 times

    Once the excitement of taking over a country settles, such as checking out the presidential gym and enjoying some fun on bumper cars, Afghanistan’s new…

  • U.S. Cannabis Space Heats Up With Telling Tilray Acquisition

    Published 20 August 2021 | viewed 2,763 times

    In an attempt to latch onto the Biden administration's recent cannabis federal legalization push, Canadian cannabis producer Tilray--long one of the best stocks in this…

  • China Tech Wipeout Continues After Beijing Cracks Down On Online Videogames

    Published 08 August 2021 | viewed 3,227 times

    China's bubbling tech sector has been hit with a massive regulatory storm ever since Alibaba Group Holdings (NYSE:BABA) founder Jack Ma criticized his country's government…

  • 3 of the Most Interesting New ETF Themes of 2021

    Published 05 August 2021 | viewed 3,154 times

    As the world continues to navigate the fast-changing tech landscape, megatrend investing has emerged as the hottest investing theme in 2021. Megatrends are powerful, transformative…

  • The Most Interesting Stocks Of Earnings Season, For Better or Worse

    Published 31 July 2021 | viewed 2,392 times

    Earnings season for the U.S. market is currently underway, with about a quarter of S&P 500 companies having reported earnings. According to FactSet data, 88%…

  • The 5 Biggest IPO Disasters Of 2021

    Published 27 July 2021 | viewed 3,265 times

    The U.S. market has recorded a major dearth of startups following the dotcom crash of two decades ago. The IPO drought has been undermining the…

  • Ireland Balks At Biden’s Global Tax Plan

    Published 23 July 2021 | viewed 3,788 times

    With some heavy prodding by the Biden Administration, earlier this month, 132 nations agreed to a global minimum tax on corporations, with the Organization for…

  • Robinhood To Trade On Nasdaq Targeting $32B Valuation

    Published 20 July 2021 | viewed 2,686 times

    By now it’s clear to all that Robinhood will take from the rich … what happens after that remains unclear, but retail investors will now…

  • Delta Variant Real Threat To Economic Recovery

    Published 11 July 2021 | viewed 3,398 times

    Despite the increased vaccine rollout, global deaths from the virus have now surpassed 4 million as the more virulent Delta variant targets more than 100…

  • DiDi Shares Take a Beating From Chinese Regulators

    Published 06 July 2021 | viewed 2,380 times

    Less than a week after a rather successful listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Chinese major ride-sharing company DiDi has come under the…