• 1 day Institutional Movement Reinforces Bullish Sentiment In Crypto Markets
  • 2 days $100M Saudi Payment For Syria Fails To Help ‘Davos in the Desert’
  • 2 days Supply Issues Weigh On Pot Stocks As Canada Goes Legal
  • 2 days CME Bitcoin Futures Surge As Bullish Sentiment Grows Louder
  • 2 days How Do Your Savings Stack Up To The Top 1 Percent?
  • 3 days Amazon Favored To Win $10 Billion Pentagon Contract
  • 3 days American Steel Downgraded As Trade War Escalates
  • 3 days From Gold To Bitcoin: The Evolution Of Money
  • 3 days Italy Budget "Not Compatible With Commitments That Exist In The EU"
  • 4 days U.S. Deficit Defies Economic ‘Boomtime’
  • 4 days Saudi Business At Stake Over Journalist Murder Allegations
  • 4 days Trump Bails On Coal Industry Incentives
  • 4 days Google Opens Up About "Project Dragonfly"
  • 5 days Retail Sales Rebound, But Is It Enough To Post Positive Earnings?
  • 5 days Stocks Continue To Slide As Economic Fears Fester
  • 5 days Where Does The True Value Of Gold Lie?
  • 5 days Bitcoin Soars Amid Tether Drama
  • 6 days Fake Cheese, Hooters, And Big Banks: The Millennial Market Hitlist
  • 7 days “Enormous Piles Of Cash” Are About To Return To The Market
  • 8 days UAE Approves ICOs As Equities Markets Lose Momentum

Fred Dunkley

Fred Dunkley

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Fred Dunkley is a tech analyst, writer, and seasoned investor. Fred has years of experience covering global markets and geopolitics. 

  • U.S. Deficit Defies Economic ‘Boomtime’

    Published 16 October 2018 | viewed 465 times

    Despite a growing economy, the U.S. deficit has risen 17 percent for the fiscal year ending September 30th, hitting $779 billion. This is the highest…

  • Retail Sales Rebound, But Is It Enough To Post Positive Earnings?

    Published 15 October 2018 | viewed 334 times

    The highlight of the current economic calendar is retail sales, and if your investment glass is half full, you’ll notice that U.S. retail sales for…

  • “Enormous Piles Of Cash” Are About To Return To The Market

    Published 13 October 2018 | viewed 1,149 times

    With the equities markets taking a beating this week, and many falling in line with Morgan Stanley’s cry of “regime change” and prognosis that we’ve…

  • “Rising Inequality” Could Impact America’s AAA Credit Rating

    Published 10 October 2018 | viewed 2,518 times

    Credit-analysis firm Moody’s Investors Service is sounding the alarm bells over “rising inequality” as the gap widens between America’s rich and poor, potentially threatening the…

  • Have Banks Hit ‘Peak Profitability’?

    Published 09 October 2018 | viewed 421 times

    Big banks are benefiting from higher interest rates and an economy that’s still chugging along (for now), but Wall Street banks are under a fair…

  • Fed Chair Speech Cost Investors $1.5 Trillion

    Published 04 October 2018 | viewed 495 times

    When Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell speaks, investors lose money - and those losses have totaled some $1.5 trillion so far, according to JPMorgan Chase.…

  • Ripple’s Legal Limbo Weighs On XRP Prices

    Published 02 October 2018 | viewed 583 times

    Three financial firms have just taken xRapid commercial, enabling cross-border transactions using Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes—but these ripples aren’t turning into…

  • Buybacks Are Keeping The Bull Market Alive

    Published 27 September 2018 | viewed 1,154 times

    Bulls can celebrate the U.S. economy and seeming zero impact (so far) of the U.S.-China trade war, but it’s not necessarily invincibility that’s keep this…

  • Another European Bank Falls To Russia-Linked Money Laundering

    Published 20 September 2018 | viewed 775 times

    The CEO of Danske Bank has resigned over hundreds of billions in money from Russia and former Soviet states allegedly laundered through its small branch…

  • The New Ultra-Wealthy Benchmark Is $50 Million

    Published 16 September 2018 | viewed 607 times

    Millionaires are pretty much just regular upper middle class folk these days. After all, when there are 16 million of them, they get lost in…

  • Turkish Central Bank Finally Moves To Contain Inflation

    Published 14 September 2018 | viewed 813 times

    After months of witnessing a desperately plunging Lira, Turkey Central Bank on Thursday opted for a sharp hike in interest rates, despite the Turkish president’s…

  • Cryptos Pummeled Again On New SEC Attack

    Published 10 September 2018 | viewed 658 times

    Crypto is getting crushed a day after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) moved to suspend trading in bitcoin and ethereum-related products over their ETF…

  • Trump Administration Escalates War On Social Media

    Published 07 September 2018 | viewed 754 times

    Less than a week since U.S. President Donald Trump attacked social media giants (on social media) for being anti-conservative—or, more to the point, anti-Trump, Attorney…

  • China’s Economic Boom Is Losing Momentum

    Published 03 September 2018 | viewed 791 times

    Output of Chinese manufacturers has continued to expand, but there are clear signs of weakness in August and indications that the tariff wars are taking…

  • 3D Guns: Where Tech And Anarchy Merge

    Published 02 September 2018 | viewed 754 times

    Need a gun and don't want it traced back to you? You're in luck: 3D gun-printing is here, and blueprints are for sale, without all…

  • China Plans To Fire Back Against New U.S. Tariffs

    Published 23 August 2018 | viewed 507 times

    An additional 25-percent tariff on $16 billion in Chinese imports covering 279 products came into effect today, in a move that has led to an…

  • Standards Go Out The Window As Employers Struggle To Fill Jobs

    Published 15 August 2018 | viewed 3,471 times

    Getting a job in the United States has never been easier. The U.S. unemployment rate dipped to 3.9 percent in July, the lowest point since…

  • Lockheed Stock Soars On $480M Pentagon Contract

    Published 14 August 2018 | viewed 369 times

    Defense giant Lockheed Martin Corp’s (NYSE:LMT) shares closed up Monday 17 percent and continued to climb after hours and into Tuesday, briefly hitting $319 following…

  • Fraudsters Target Taxpayers In Million-Dollar Scam

    Published 09 August 2018 | viewed 619 times

    Back in the 2016 tax season, there was a spate of fraudulent tax scams that unnerved the entire nation. The IRS reported a massive 400…

  • Europe’s American Soybean Imports Increase 280% In July

    Published 03 August 2018 | viewed 7,475 times

    As the tariff tiff continues its incessant back and forth between China and the U.S., the European Union emerges as a major importer of American…