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Fred Dunkley

Fred Dunkley

Writer, Safehaven.com

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Fred Dunkley is a tech analyst, writer, and seasoned investor. Fred has years of experience covering global markets and geopolitics. 

  • Crypto Market Crashes As Tesla Turns Its Back On Bitcoin

    Published 13 May 2021 | viewed 934 times

    About three months ago, Tesla Inc.’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) eccentric CEO Elon Musk took everybody by surprise after announcing that the company would begin accepting bitcoin as…

  • Americans Are Sick Of Unfair Taxation

    Published 05 May 2021 | viewed 1,364 times

    President Joe Biden has proposed raising taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans to help pay for a series of new initiatives, and so far, that…

  • The 3 Most Profitable Covid-19 Vaccine Stocks

    Published 29 April 2021 | viewed 1,830 times

    In the strange and sometimes twisted world of stocks investing, a commonly-heard aphorism is that with every crisis comes great opportunity. Some of mankind’s biggest…

  • The New Economic World Order After Covid-19

    Published 26 April 2021 | viewed 3,324 times

    "Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed." - Chinese proverb. A few days ago, China’s President Xi Jinping…

  • Coinbase IPO Explodes, But Fails To Keep Its Momentum

    Published 14 April 2021 | viewed 2,253 times

    After years of being shunned on Wall Street and by traditional financial markets, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are finally enjoying their moment in the sun. Bitcoin…

  • China Slaps Alibaba With Record $2.75B Antitrust Fine

    Published 13 April 2021 | viewed 1,982 times

    Last year, massive cracks emerged in Jack Ma’s sprawling internet and mobile empire after Chinese authorities cancelled  the much-anticipated $37 billion Ant Group listing. Jack…

  • Monday Markets Rise On Stellar Jobs Report

    Published 05 April 2021 | viewed 1,891 times

    U.S. employers added hundreds of thousands more new jobs last month than economists expected, with stock markets expected to react positively to the news but…

  • COVID Fraud Amounts To Nearly $570M

    Published 26 March 2021 | viewed 2,003 times

    As of Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice has charged hundreds of people with COVID-related criminal fraud schemes amounting to nearly $570 million, and it’s…

  • TikTok Threatens America, Tesla Threatens China

    Published 22 March 2021 | viewed 2,370 times

    Despite his widely popular dance moves at the Tesla Shanghai factory last year, Elon Musk--via Tesla--could pose a national threat to China, according to the…

  • First Ever Tweet Attracts $2.5M Bid On Blockchain Platform

    Published 10 March 2021 | viewed 2,339 times

    For many people, the urge to occasionally go on a treasure hunt for the sheer fun of it can sometimes be overwhelming. Some people seek…

  • 3 Semiconductor Stocks Looking Great On EV Demand

    Published 05 March 2021 | viewed 3,139 times

    A global shortage in semiconductor chips has been wreaking havoc on the tech sector, automotive industry, consumer electronics industry, and everything in between. After years…

  • The Token Boom Spawns Digital Gold Mine in Art, Collectibles

    Published 26 February 2021 | viewed 3,187 times

    For the old-school fine art connoisseurs, the artwork of elusive British artist Banksy, the art world’s elite prankster, might be considered offensive. Still, his art…

  • Wealthy Could End Up Footing The Bill For States’ Budget Shortfalls

    Published 25 February 2021 | viewed 4,578 times

    As U.S. states brace for massive revenue shortfalls due to the pandemic, several are looking for ways to curb the budget deficits, including increasing taxes…

  • 3 Smart Ways To Play the Global Chip Shortage

    Published 17 February 2021 | viewed 3,596 times

    A global shortage in semiconductor chips has been wreaking havoc on the tech sector, automotive industry, consumer electronics industry, and everything in between. After years…

  • Ocean Power: The Missing Link

    Published 15 February 2021 | viewed 6,174 times

    Solar, wind and EVs won the lion’s share of clean energy investments for 2020, followed by a major uptick in money flowing into hydrogen tech…

  • Biden Administration Signs $231 Million Deal For At Home COVID Tests

    Published 04 February 2021 | viewed 4,250 times

    The Biden Administration this week cut a $231.8-million deal with Australian Ellume to provide 8.5 million rapid, at-home COVID-19 tests, following FDA emergency authorization in…

  • Gamestop Crashes By 60% But The Story Is Far From Over

    Published 02 February 2021 | viewed 2,585 times

    GameStop, that rather dull video game retailer that seemed to more or less be treading water even before the pandemic, has suddenly become so wildly…

  • TikTok Got A US Reprieve, But Elsewhere, It’s War

    Published 27 January 2021 | viewed 2,674 times

    Former U.S. president Donald Trump failed to ban popular Chinese social media and entertainment app Tik-tok, and now it would seem the app has banned…

  • COVID Vaccine Distribution Would Be A Big Win For Amazon

    Published 25 January 2021 | viewed 2,557 times

    As medical experts and state authorities warn about the slow pace of vaccine distribution, various companies, some with experience and some without, are trying to…

  • Under COVID, The Rich Got Richer

    Published 23 January 2021 | viewed 2,575 times

    The wealthy and upper middle class have mostly recovered from the financial troubles caused by the pandemic, if they even had any. Economists are warning…