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  • 12 days The Infamous Equifax Hack Just Became A National Security Issue

Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Mr. Hamilton, a private investor and contrarian analyst, publishes Zeal Intelligence, an in-depth monthly strategic and tactical analysis of markets, geopolitics, economics, finance, and investing delivered from an explicitly pro-free market and laissez faire perspective.

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    Gold's young upleg just enjoyed a major upside breakout, bolstering strong technicals and heralding a coming Golden Cross buy signal. Investors have started aggressively buying…

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    The get-no-respect gold-stock sector is in a strong young bull market. Past gold-stock bulls have grown to utterly-massive proportions before giving up their ghosts, greatly…

  • Gold-Stock Breakouts Near

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  • Gold Stocks' Spring Rally 2

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    The gold stocks enjoyed a strong surge early this year, fully reversing their sharp post-election losses. While they spent much of February consolidating before sliding,…

  • Gold-Futures Buying Yet to Start

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    Gold has powered higher in a strong new upleg since the Fed's mid-December rate hike. But the core group of traders who usually fuel early-upleg…

  • Gold-Stock Volume Divergence

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    The gold miners' stocks have blasted higher in this young new year, far outpacing the broader markets. But surprisingly gold stocks' trading volume has diverged…

  • Gold Stocks' Strong New Upleg

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    Gold stocks are on fire this year, powering higher in market-dominating performance.  This is a massive reversal from their dark fourth quarter, with 6/7ths of…

  • US Mint Bullion-Coin Sales 5

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    Gold's first new bull market since 2011 last year was overwhelmingly driven by stock investors flooding into gold ETFs. Traditional physical bar-and-coin demand was actually…

  • Silver Stocks' New Upleg

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    The silver miners' stocks have surged higher in this young new year, putting the Trumphoria general-stock rally to shame. Following its fourth-quarter drubbing, this tiny…

  • Gold Futures Looking Bullish

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    Gold has rebounded sharply higher in the past month, taking the early lead as 2017's best-performing asset class. Normally such a big gold surge would…

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    Gold has hit the ground running in this young new year, a stark contrast to its brutal post-election selloff. Rather remarkably, these strong recent gains…