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Ashraf Laidi

Ashraf Laidi

CMC Markets

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Ashraf Laidi is Chief FX Strategist at CMC Markets and author of "Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis: How to Profit from the Shifting Currents in Global Markets" Wiley Trading.

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    Euro's Dead Cross (or Achilles Heel) EURUSD's 50-day moving average has now fallen below its 100-day MA, which is referred to as a dead cross.…

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    The US dollar builds on its newly acquired robustness amid the FOMCs modest economic upgrade with regards to labour markets and the reiteration of the…

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    Another Friday, Another Yen Day While the dollar rebound accelerates on broadening risk aversion, the Japanese yen remains the best performer among major FX, just…

  • Don't Forget the Yen

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    Much has been said about the US dollar's role as a funding currency for carry trades and its well publicized rebound during the most recent…

  • Awaiting More Current Consumer Version

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    24 hours after markets witnessed a powerful 3.4% consumer component (highest since Q1 2007) in Q3 GDP, they will obtain a more current version of…

  • Watch the Consumer in GDP

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    Aside from whether US Q3 GDP growth will stand above the 3.0%, markets will watch the contribution from the US consumer versus that of inventory…

  • 1047 vs 1.470 Euro vs SP500

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    1.4700 on EURUSD and 1,047 on S&P500 represent levels of major trend line support holding since the March lows and are both being under threat…

  • Parameters in Equities, Oil

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    Last week's oil price break above $75 was an essential catalyst in accelerating the pace of USD selling beyond $1.50 in EURUSD, 0.93 in AUDUSD,…

  • FX Talk Gets Cheap

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    G7 finance ministers and central bankers ought to realize that their USD-supporting rhetoric (Bernanke, Lagarde and Trichet) will be devalued by a currency market that…

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    The week's upcoming blitz of Fed speeches starts with Bernanke's speech about Asia and the crisis (15:00 GMT). All voting members at this year's FOMC…

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    Even the tumbling USD has hit a 5-month high against the British pound. Such is the state of the deteriorating GBP as UK CPI hits…

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    The story from the Independent about Arab Gulf States & China looking for alternatives to the US dollar could be dismissed for now due to…

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    While FX trading seems to become increasingly bifurcated (broad USD weakness & broad JPY strength or vice versa), the unfolding trend remains a concerted move…

  • Unusual FX Action?

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    Today's fresh 9-month high of $1.4627 in EURUSD coincides top of the rally in mid December (when FOMC moved to 0.25%) and the Lehman high…

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    The Faces of Dissipating Appetite The 4 charts below display the emerging challenges for risk overall risk appetite as manifested through EURUSD, GBPUSD, S&P500 and…

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    Dollar weakness has been excessive...at least for now.. The overnight wave of dollar selling was mostly led by a fresh wave of buying in commodity…

  • Gauging the Bounce in Appetite

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    The explosive surge in risk appetite following the earnings blowout from Goldman and Intel is posing serious threat to the validity of the Head-&-shoulder formations…