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Eidetic Research

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  • Gold -- September 2011 Month End Developments -- Gold at $1624.70*

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    *Continuation chart prices may reflect front month adjustments to more active back months ranges. Closing price levels are the Globex afternoon close: 5:15 PM ET.…

  • Japanese Yen Technical Analysis

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    During the November 2010 - early March 2011 timeframe, Japanese yen futures expressed in U.S. dollars and traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange oscillated in…

  • U.S. Treasury Bonds: 'Yield' or Die'

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    Subscribers to the Metal Augmentor service are very fortunate to have access to the technical expertise of Eidetic Research, a highly-respected institutional level technical service…

  • Natural Gas: It's That Time Again

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  • Gold: Pattern Recognition and Pattern Repetition

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    November 1, 2008 Since our last analysis of gold (Fulfilling Our Reserve Scenario, October 19, 2008), the market has traded below its September 11, 2008…