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Erik Swarts

Erik Swarts

Contributor since: 04 Apr 2011


Erik is an active trader, who has always taken a broad perspective when approaching the markets.

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    This week, as hard commodities came under early pressure, participants may have asked themselves: 1. Is the rally over in oil, copper and precious metals;…

  • Can China Save Europe - and Vice Versa?

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    Over the past decade, while US pundits and politicians soapbox their Kabuki laments over Chinese trade policy and misgiven currency regimes, Europe has quietly emerged…

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    The U.S. dollar index pulled back sharply last month from the relative performance extreme notched in March. Declining ~5 percent from the intra-month high on…

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    After anticipating the large retracement decline (see Here) in the Nikkei coming into 2014, we have remained bullish on Japan since the end of Q2…

  • Buffett or Beal? Place Your Bets With Oil

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    "He said Exxon Mobil remains a 'wonderful company' even though '... it's current earnings power has been diminished significantly from what it was a year…

  • Scarcity and Oversupply: The Intriguing Market Dynamics Between EUR:USD, Bunds and Oil

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    While we don't exactly prescribe to an Ignorance is Bliss methodology that some of our more technical brethren might apply, if you adopt a purely…

  • The Great Titration Continues

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    Over the past two weeks, China's Shanghai Composite index shattered overhead resistance (see Here) - tacking on another ~10% to its already prodigious returns for…

  • Old School Currency Parables

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    And the LORD commanded the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land. - Jonah 2:10 Delivered from the swirling seas of U.S. dollar strength,…

  • Size Matters and Their Estimates are Still Too Damn High

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    With the U.S. equity markets continuing to make and trade near their all-time highs, and as the U.S economy further distinguishes itself as the best…

  • China Flirts with a Major Breakout

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    Headed into the end of last year, China's Shanghai Composite Index had become significantly extended, registering an unsustainable weekly RSI above 90. At the time…

  • The Dollar's Perfect Storm

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    "Meteorologist see perfect in strange things, and the meshing of three completely independent weather systems to form a hundred-year event is one of them. My…

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    Like the Great Wall built by peasant hands over two millenniums ago, the current wall of worry in China - the foundation for any lasting…

  • Markets on Wire

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    When it comes to analogies on the market, the father of value investing framed it best: Within our own research approach, we often compare and…

  • Sizing Up the Next Moves in the Market

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    Like any major move, the crash in crude oil was propelled by more than just one catalyst. Speculative positioning, production, demand - they all played…

  • Traders: Sell Stocks and Bonds - Buy Gold and Silver

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    With consideration to our variant methodologies for establishing a context for the downtrend in long-term yields, we believe the move has reached the dregs of…

  • Two Ships Pass in the Night

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    Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness; So on…

  • Going Up?

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    Despite arriving late to Thursday's press conference - ironically, held up by the new ECB elevator system that just wouldn't cooperate... Draghi delivered the goods.…

  • All Eyes on the ECB

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    When you come to a fork in the road, take it. - Yogi Despite finding ourselves on the right side of the tracks with European…

  • Why Gold May Finally Be Turning Higher

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    We came into last year with the idea that despite a historically low disposition at 3 percent, the 10-year yield had become stretched at a…