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Gary Tanashian

Gary Tanashian

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

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    "Perhaps a short term top in the much publicized price of crude could be the bulls' excuse. Failing that, some other spin du jour may…

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    Finally, the bears have gotten a pound of bull flesh. I am sure it tastes good too, after all the abuse our furry friends have…

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    ...Are doomed to repeat it! Unfortunately, there is so much "noise" out there - from geopolitics to macroeconomics - that it is difficult for the…

  • Waiting For Goldot

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    It has been psychologically draining for goldbugs to watch day after day as the "pig" makes new high after new high, obviously benefiting from the…

  • Two Anecdotal Inputs and the Usual Inflation/Deflation Jive

    Published 26 July 2005 | viewed 4,342 times

    This morning I had two interactions that I feel would be of interest to anyone trying, as I am, to figure out the true nature…

  • Endgame

    Published 13 July 2005 | viewed 4,395 times

    For quite a while now, and after careful consideration of many respected gurus' opinions on the matter, I have been coming down on the side…

  • Bride of Frankenmarket

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    About a year ago, biiwii.com announced itself with its first macro-economic commentary, Frankenmarket Lives. The theme last summer was one of growing economic angst, a…

  • To Da Moon!? Not so Fast... (Part Deux)

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    It is very simple. The miners exploded off of an oversold condition in mid-May. They did so with such ferocity that many found it hard…

  • To Da Moon!? Not so Fast...

    Published 17 June 2005 | viewed 4,954 times

    As noted in the previous update, the HUI sported a possible H&S bottom. With the impulsive feel to the break of the neckline, it appears…

  • Dawn of the Dead

    Published 14 June 2005 | viewed 6,702 times

    I received another in a long line of auction notices last week. Yet another local custom, high tech manufacturing firm is being liquidated. Another competitor…

  • Strange Bedfellows

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    Gold miners had a ferocious rally on Friday. As usual, there are crosscurrents in these choppy seas as nobody seems able to get a handle…

  • A Reply From Fantasy Land

    Published 31 May 2005 | viewed 4,967 times

    This morning a flag was raised here in my town for "Grampy" Stoughton Atwood, my wife's grandfather who passed away last memorial day weekend. He…

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    The good folks at Elliot Wave International must be taking notice. They are always on the lookout for indications of group-think as manifested in major…

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    A critical juncture is upon us. The USD has firmed relative to its sad performance closing out 2004, many large American firms (AIG, FNM, F,…

  • Apocalypse Not Yet

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    Dow has room to stretch its legs before any failure. Bears that didn't take profits may fuel a drive to 10,400 or higher. This index…

  • Contrary Indications

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    The boys in the boiler room Toward the end of 2004, I began receiving a lot of phone calls from brokers who wanted to "put…

  • A Black Hole and a Ray of Hope

    Published 08 April 2005 | viewed 4,812 times

    There will be no charts today. No speculation about the direction of long term interest rates or markets. No analysis of the push and pull…

  • Amron

    Published 24 March 2005 | viewed 6,875 times

    Warning shot The fallout from the bursting of what many call "the bubble" (dot.com implosion, tech/telecom blow up and finally recession in the general economy)…

  • A Simple Message (long version)

    Published 16 March 2005 | viewed 5,297 times

    A primary mission at biiwii.com is to remain neutral, to try to see reality coldly, clearly and without the tint of color from any particular…