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Hans F. Sennholz

Hans F. Sennholz

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Exporting American Jobs

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    Nothing sharpens the sight like envy. Many legislators who are enjoying six-figure remunerations and seven-figure benefits are dismayed about corporate compensation. They resent the fact…

  • Incomes are Falling

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    The Census Bureau informs us that median household incomes are falling. In 2002 they fell for the third year running to $42,409. The official poverty…

  • Miraculous Growth of Money

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    Fear of deflation - that feeling of concern about declining prices--is slowly giving way to the dread of inflation. It prompts some economists to focus…

  • Deep in Debt, Caught in a Net

    Published 03 November 2003 | viewed 2,761 times

    This old English proverb concisely describes the financial condition of many Americans. Household debt is rising at an 8.8 percent annual rate, home mortgage debt…

  • There is a Market Rate of Interest

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    Awareness and knowledge of inexorable economic principles may guide a handful of politicians and officials, but most are led by a mystic feeling of political…

  • Potential Dollar Scenarios

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    Never before in recent history have monetary and fiscal policies been as "stimulative" as today, and yet, the American economy remains weak and vulnerable. The…

  • Social Justice

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    Justice is commonly defined as the quality of being fair and impartial. It is a cardinal virtue which renders to each what is due him.…

  • Economic Doctrines of Islam

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    American observers are dismayed about the dreary economic conditions in most Islamic countries. Some may point to inadequate natural resources; others, to various political and…

  • A Look At Iraq

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    We may be strangers to Iraqi mores but we always are mindful of the glorious history of the country. Long before there were ancient Greece,…

  • Rebuilding The Iraqi Economy

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    Allied forces may not have delivered the world from the danger of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction but they surely freed the Iraqi people from…

  • The Perils of Deflation

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  • Gold is Shining Again

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  • Deficits Do Matter

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    In their election oratory politicians usually stress their love of fiscal discipline and balanced budgets. But as soon as they are elected they tend to…

  • Blaming the Fed

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    It is surely more shameful to lose a good reputation than never to have had one. During the great equity bubble of the 1990s Alan…

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    The Federal Reserve System may have run out of room to maneuver. Facing a looming recession, it resolutely lowered its discount rate and frantically expanded…