• 2 days China Slaps Alibaba With Record $2.75B Antitrust Fine
  • 3 days The Pandemic Has Culled The Middle Class
  • 5 days Legacy Automakers See Massive Spike In Sales
  • 6 days Tesla's Biggest Competitor Is Going Cobalt-Free
  • 6 days Stocks That Could Benefit From Biden’s $2.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
  • 8 days The Mafia Has Expanded Its Influencer Under COVID-19
  • 9 days How Fintech Will Get Skeptics Into Crypto
  • 10 days Monday Markets Rise On Stellar Jobs Report
  • 13 days Not Even Bribery Allegations Can Crush Cannabis Boom
  • 17 days Canada May Become Leader In Booming Battery Market
  • 19 days Nearly 42% Of All Amazon Reviews Are Fake
  • 20 days Kidnapping Is Big Business In Nigeria
  • 20 days COVID Fraud Amounts To Nearly $570M
  • 23 days Art Is Now An Algorithm
  • 24 days TikTok Threatens America, Tesla Threatens China
  • 24 days Small-Cap Energy Sectors With Big Upside
  • 28 days Coinbase Valued At $68 Billion Ahead Of IPO
  • 30 days 3 Stocks To Watch Amid AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine Snafu
  • 31 days Get Ready For First Tax Hike Since 1993
  • 34 days Tech Majors Bet Big On Clean Energy

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Having worked on his family's gold claims in California and Arizona, as well as a mine in a place to remain nameless, Jeff's research and writing skills are utilized in his role as editor and one of the primary writers of Casey's Gold & Resource Report.

Whether it is researching new companies to recommend, analyzing the big trend in gold, or looking for other safe and profitable ways to capitalize on the bull market, Jeff is devoted to making Casey's Gold & Resource Report the best precious metals newsletter for the prudent investor. He coordinates the efforts among the research and writing team, ensuring that whatever is happening in the gold and silver market doesn't escape coverage.

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