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Joe Hung

Joe Hung

Contributor since: 07 Apr 2010


Joe Hung is a Research Analyst at Casey Research specializing in quantitative analysis and statistical modelling. He has been working alongside Marin Katusa for the past two years and helps produce the Casey Energy Opportunities and the Casey Energy Confidential.

Joe was the youngest actuarial science graduate from Simon Fraser University at the age of eighteen, and has already completed the first four examinations of the Society of Actuaries. He has also passed the first two exams of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program, as well as being a candidate for the Financial Risk Management (FRM) program.

At Casey Research, he has co-written several scripts along with Marin Katusa to simplify investment analysis and to automate data gathering processes that were previously done manually. Joe brings youth, passion, and additional quantitative abilities that give Casey Research the cutting edge research to bring the best investments to the table for our subscribers.

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