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John Mackenzie

John Mackenzie

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Exceeding Through Excess

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    Leveraged Speculators continue to feed at the short end trough as ever increasing risks are blown into the Derivatives Bubble. The BIS's most recent release…

  • Brave New World

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    Forty months and thirteen Federal Funds rate cuts later and all we've managed to accomplish is sustenance of unsustainable and unprecedented "Credit Bubbles". US M3…

  • Golden Globes and Drama Queens

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    I tend to run, not walk, when the operatic din of Gold's Advisor's begins to crescendo. At times, some of the well intentioned Gold Bull…

  • Dollars to Dimes

    Published 23 April 2004 | viewed 1,928 times

    The Central Banks of the globe have placed a very large bet on a bankrupt monetary "theory" and it's relation to debt. While our nation…

  • Ghosts in the Machine: we, the people, held captive by our own machinations

    Published 15 April 2004 | viewed 1,863 times

    I ask you to please consider: We often choose to ignore just how fragile life's balance truly is and that we are dependent upon one…

  • Din of the Inept

    Published 14 April 2004 | viewed 2,267 times

    In theory, our theories for forecasting are based primarily upon our perceptions. We conceptualize, and build functional norms in hard science we believe are practical.…

  • Lawn Darts

    Published 13 April 2004 | viewed 2,086 times

    "Let me begin with the question of whether interest rates and asset prices have been pushed away from appropriate levels. Some observers worry that recent…

  • Hong Kong Fighter Pigs, Part 3

    Published 11 April 2004 | viewed 1,942 times

    By borrowing funds in a foreign market and using these funds to purchase an offsetting position in fixed income securities in a domestic market, traders…

  • Central Pranking

    Published 07 April 2004 | viewed 3,554 times

    "Like gold, U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. But the U.S. government has a technology, called…

  • "Hong Kong Fighter Pigs, Part 2"

    Published 24 March 2004 | viewed 1,760 times

    In part one of this essay I suggested: "An "Event," is going to give way and topple the "Great Game." I'd venture a guess though...…

  • Your Three Minutes are Up

    Published 22 March 2004 | viewed 1,952 times

    Once a year, our children's school hold it's annual fund-raiser to assist in providing scholarships, expand fine and performing arts, increase development and resources in…

  • "Hong Kong Fighter Pigs"

    Published 12 March 2004 | viewed 1,965 times

    The past few weeks have blended into an endless tug of war, an epic battle of "Paper" over "Resources". The Gambit must be far larger…

  • "Pax Hegemon"

    Published 24 February 2004 | viewed 3,136 times

    Selective rather than common interest would better describe the present global economic resource allocation system. The quest for selective interest can historically be traced back…