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Kurt Kasun

Kurt Kasun

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


A contributing writer to GreenFaucet.com, Kurt Kasun writes a high-end investment timing service, GlobalMacro, which is focused on identifying opportunities that produce returns in excess of market with reasonable risk. He is strategically located in Washington, D.C., a key to maintaining contacts and relationships which help Kurt understand global policy and economic factors as they emerge. His investment approach has always been macro in nature largely due to his undergraduate studies at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point (B. S. National Security, Public Affairs, 1989) and his graduate studies at George Mason University (M.A. International Commerce and Policy, 2006).

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    Dueling Scenarios Revisited The following commentary is a follow-up to http://www.greenfaucet.com/energy/one-of-two-scenarios-is-developing/89995. First, again I would like to make clear that I do not consider myself…

  • Not Your Grandfather's Depression

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    It will be much worse, in many respects. The chart below, borrowed from Dr. Marc Faber's Market Commentary December 1, 2008, is devastating. The chart…

  • Revenge of the Barbarous Relic

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    Marc Faber's latest report written on November 1 was titled "Why Market Interventions by Governments worsen Economic and Financial Conditions!" I might have called it…

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    I wish some Congressman would have had the courage to ask Greenspan why he abandoned his principles he so eloquently (and correctly) wrote about in…

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    I only wish to make a couple of points in this short commentary. The debacle envisioned by Austrian economists is now becoming an undisputed reality.…

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    The Economist Magazine posed this question on the cover of this week's magazine with an illustration of the various pieces of Wall Street machinery being…

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    There could be heroes that emerge in the market tumult, but I urge you not to try to be one of them. Financial markets around…

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    Last week when I wrote, "Extraordinary Measures Today, a Financial Funeral Tomorrow," I didn't literally think that the funeral would actually occur 'tomorrow'. Someone started…

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    I wish I was referring to Fannie and Freddie in the title of this piece, but because those institutions are being resurrected, the funeral I…

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    Things are about to get really bad. Rotating bubbles are now becoming rotating sector recessions as the positive feedback loops, created as money and credit…

  • Commodities: Is the Decennial Pattern Still in Effect?

    Published 20 August 2008 | viewed 2,402 times

    In early April I wrote a commentary titled "Commodity Boom? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!" in which I hypothesized that commodities would maintain investment leadership…

  • Global Goldilocks?

    Published 14 August 2008 | viewed 3,351 times

    The new narrative forming among the Goldilocks crowd is that US economic supremacy reigns once again, as manifest in a reawakened "King Dollar". The US…

  • That's How a Hangover is Supposed to Feel

    Published 31 July 2008 | viewed 3,046 times

    The cover of this week's The Economist magazine reads "Unhappy America". To the authors' credit the article goes beyond the typical Bush-bashing and identifies several…

  • It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn...of a Depression

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    The chart below, provided to me by Barry Bannister, clearly illustrates the countdown to hyperinflation. Chart: Courtesy Barry Bannister The financial system will collapse before…

  • Is the Party Over?

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    For this week, access to much of Elliott Wave International's forecasts and chart work is free. Many traders and investors boldly proclaim that technical analysis,…

  • CPR for the Dollar

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    Perhaps we should institute DNR rather than CPR Two days ago Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke shocked the world by commenting on his concerns regarding the…

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    The peaceful co-existence between commodity-related investments and most sectors which comprise the broader US Stock indices, is drawing to a close. As inflation tightens its…

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    Last week the Bush administration declared polar bears as threatened species, acknowledging that global warming jeopardizes the species' livelihood as a result of rapid Artic…