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We are financial market enthusiasts using methods expressed by the Gann, Hurst and Wyckoff with a few of our own proprietary tools. Readtheticker.com provides online stock and index charts with commentary. We are not brokers, bankers, financial planners, hedge fund traders or investment advisors, we are private investors.

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    Richard Wyckoff interviewed William Gann as part of his market research, we feel Wyckoff should have added a few Gann tools to his own methodology.…

  • Where Can a NON Fed Stimulus Come From to Get Dow 20000

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    Since March 2009 till June 2011 the US Federal Reserve has stimulated the economy buy buying mortgage back securities for real money. This amounted to…

  • QE2 Ends, Long Live the Free Market ha

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    June 30 2011 QE2 ends. The 10yr yield has jumped, and so have stocks, one is in for a shock. From ZeroHedge Extract .."Goodbye net…

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    We have been bearish on the stocks and 'risk on' currencies since early June 2011. This means we had to bullish on the US Dollar.…

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    Richard Wyckoff investing style was pure, he wished to invest in the market when he new prices were about to be marked up (or down),…

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