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Richard Benson

Richard Benson

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Prior to founding the Specialty Finance Group in 1989, Mr. Benson acted as a trading desk economist for Chase Manhattan Bank in the early 1980's and started in the securitization business in 1983 at Bear Stearns, and helped build the early securitization businesses at Citibank and E.F. Hutton.

  • How Much Will Government Bailouts Actually Cost the American Taxpayer?

    Published 11 August 2008 | viewed 2,446 times

    Over the last eight years, we have watched in horror as a two-term Republican Administration furthered programs that have effectively thrown lit sticks of dynamite…

  • US Tax Revenues Go Missing

    Published 30 July 2008 | viewed 3,098 times

    For this article, I will examine what is going to happen to the deficit because of Federal tax revenues. In future articles, we will take…

  • Is Your Money Safe?

    Published 15 July 2008 | viewed 4,723 times

    Clearly, individual investors should have been asking whether their money was safe time and time again over the past year, rather than listening to the…

  • With Inflation, There's No Free Lunch

    Published 12 June 2008 | viewed 2,576 times

    If Americans feel they are being pick-pocketed by inflation, they should take a look overseas. With the United States pushing its trade deficit and dollars…

  • The Fed's Medicine Is Toxic

    Published 27 May 2008 | viewed 2,626 times

    In medicine, good ethics go as far back as ancient Greek culture. Part of the Hippocratic Oath translates to say..........."I will prescribe regimens for the…

  • Tax Rebates Mean Blood in the Shark-Infested Water

    Published 08 May 2008 | viewed 2,318 times

    The government rebates are coming: Quick, hide from the bill collectors! Creditors and debt collectors alike can smell the money a mile away, and they're…

  • The Economy's Summer Holiday Has Already Begun

    Published 08 April 2008 | viewed 3,502 times

    Memorial Day is still seven weeks away but economically the summer doldrums have already begun in many parts of the country. Over nine hundred thousand…

  • The Magic Mirror Economy

    Published 13 March 2008 | viewed 3,130 times

    No one can ever be too rich, too thin, or too beautiful. We would all like to look into a mirror that tells us that.…

  • Liquidity Looked in the Mirror but Insolvency Stared Back

    Published 08 February 2008 | viewed 3,537 times

    We continue to read articles in the financial press and elsewhere by widely-respected mainstream economists who have a tendency to quote mindlessly from Keynes' masterpiece…

  • An Economic Heart Attack Brought On By Sugar And Fat

    Published 22 January 2008 | viewed 2,243 times

    The other day I was frankly stunned to see President Bush in a panic. He was flanked by the Secretary of the Treasury and the…

  • The Economy's Last Hurrah Before That Big Sucking Sound

    Published 06 December 2007 | viewed 5,869 times

    As 2007 wounds down, it's time to reflect on how bogus government statistics along with Wall Street media hype have impacted the psychology and perception…

  • When Crumbling Credit Meets Deadly Leverage

    Published 26 October 2007 | viewed 3,736 times

    If our country's debt problems in the private sector were simply limited to the $1.5 trillion of subprime mortgages that needed to be repaid, restructured…

  • The Recession is Here

    Published 14 September 2007 | viewed 5,034 times

    You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see the signs of a recession bursting through in economic data, particularly in the August Employment Report.…

  • Swim with the Sharks but Risk Being Eaten Alive

    Published 26 July 2007 | viewed 4,384 times

    Private companies that lend their own money are generally very careful with their loan underwriting, and they know how to collect the money they lend.…

  • Independence Day is Here, but Not for Many Americans

    Published 03 July 2007 | viewed 4,294 times

    America may be referred to as the "Home of the Brave" because when the bills arrive it takes a lot of courage to open them…

  • How the Government Creates Jobs

    Published 25 May 2007 | viewed 3,575 times

    Our elected officials and Wall Street executives all have a vested interest in keeping the perception of a robust economy alive. The employment data announced…

  • Inflation and the Ironic Productivity Tax

    Published 29 March 2007 | viewed 2,823 times

    Man is such a lucky creature because machines do all of our work. Our economy and prosperity stand on the shoulders of the geniuses who…

  • Subprime Titanic Hits Iceberg: Wall Street Abandons Ship

    Published 22 February 2007 | viewed 7,081 times

    On April 14, 1912, the mighty Titanic hit an iceberg and the ship's fate was sealed in just over 2 hours and 40 minutes. The…

  • The Dollar Dam is Breaking

    Published 01 December 2006 | viewed 12,232 times

    Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson, is rushing off to China next month and will lead a delegation to Beijing for the inaugural meeting of the…

  • When the Home Equity Cookie Jar is Empty

    Published 10 November 2006 | viewed 3,826 times

    My first experience with a mob of American children was a job I had working in my hometown park while in high school. At one…