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Ron Paul

Ron Paul

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Congressman Ron Paul of Texas enjoys a national reputation as the premier advocate for liberty in politics today. Dr. Paul is the leading spokesman in Washington for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies based on commodity-backed currency. He is known among both his colleagues in Congress and his constituents for his consistent voting record in the House of Representatives: Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution. In the words of former Treasury Secretary William Simon, Dr. Paul is the "one exception to the Gang of 535" on Capitol Hill.

  • Ft. Hood: An Avoidable Tragedy

    Published 06 April 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Last week we saw yet another tragedy at Ft. Hood, Texas, as a distraught Iraq war veteran killed three of his fellow soldiers before killing…

  • Aid to Ukraine Is a Bad Deal For All

    Published 30 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Last week Congress overwhelmingly passed a bill approving a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine and more sanctions on Russia. The bill will likely receive…

  • US 'Democracy Promotion' Destroys Democracy Overseas

    Published 23 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    It was almost ten years ago when, before the House International Relations Committee, I objected to the US Government funding NGOs to meddle in the…

  • If Spying on Senate is So Bad, Why is it OK For Them To Spy On Us?

    Published 16 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    The reaction of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to last week's revelations that the CIA secretly searched Senate Intelligence Committee computers reveals much about what the…

  • Can We Afford Ukraine?

    Published 09 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Officially, US debt stands at more than $17 trillion. In reality, it is many times more. The cost of the US invasion of Afghanistan and…

  • Hagel's 'Defense Cuts' Are Smoke And Mirrors

    Published 02 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Last week Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel proposed an additional 40,000 reduction in active duty US Army personnel, down to 450,000 soldiers. As US troops are…

  • Leave Ukraine Alone!

    Published 23 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Last week Ukraine saw its worst violence since the break-up of the Soviet Union over 20 years ago. Protesters occupying the main square in the…

  • At The Fed, The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

    Published 16 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen testified before Congress for the first time since replacing Ben Bernanke at the beginning of the month. Her…

  • Will No One Challenge Obama's Executive Orders?

    Published 09 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    President Obama's state of the union pledge to "act with or without Congress" marks a milestone in presidential usurpation of Congressional authority. Most modern presidents…

  • The Continuing Al-Qaeda Threat

    Published 02 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Appearing last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified that he could not say the threat from al-Qaeda is…

  • Every Week Should Be School Choice Week

    Published 26 January 2014 | viewed 0 times

    National School Choice week takes place from January 26 to February 1, and during this week education freedom activists around the country will be participating…

  • Warfare, Welfare, and Wonder Woman - How Congress Spends Your Money

    Published 19 January 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Supporters of warfare, welfare, and Wonder Woman cheered last week as Congress passed a one trillion dollar "omnibus" appropriation bill. This legislation funds the operations…

  • Congress Defers to President On NSA Reform

    Published 12 January 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Congress's decline from the Founders' vision as "first among equals" in government to an echo chamber of the unitary executive, has been a slow but…

  • Iraq: The 'Liberation' Neocons Would Rather Forget

    Published 05 January 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Remember Fallujah? Shortly after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the US military fired on unarmed protestors, killing as many as 20 and wounding dozens. In…

  • Government Policies Hurt Low-Wage Workers

    Published 29 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    Fast-food workers across the county have recently held a number of high profile protests to agitate for higher wages. These protests have been accompanied by…

  • Progress Toward Peace in 2013, But Dark Clouds Remain

    Published 22 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    It is the time of year we feel a sense of joy and optimism. We are preparing for the holidays and looking to spend time…

  • After 100 Years Of Failure, It's Time To End The Fed!

    Published 15 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    A week from now, the Federal Reserve System will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. Resulting from secret negotiations between bankers and politicians at…

  • Hobby Lobby Case is About Rights, Not Contraceptives

    Published 08 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    One of the most important cases the US Supreme Court will consider this term is Hobby Lobby's lawsuit challenging the Obamacare mandate that employer-provided health…

  • You Cannot Negotiate With Iran?

    Published 01 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    You cannot negotiate with Iran. That is what they told us for years. The Iranian leadership is too fanatical, they are not rational actors, they…

  • Can Karzai Save Us?

    Published 24 November 2013 | viewed 0 times

    After a year of talks over the post-2014 US military presence in Afghanistan, the US administration announced last week that a new agreement had finally…