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Sol Palha

Sol Palha

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Sol Palha is a market analyst and educator who uses Mass Psychology, Technical Analysis and Esoteric Cycles to keep you on the right side of the market. He and his partners are on the web at www.tacticalinvestor.com.

  • Inflation: A Positive Development for the Astute Investor

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  • Gold, Silver, Palladium: True Bull Market

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    "It is a wise person that adapts themselves to all contingencies; it's the fool who always struggles like a swimmer against the current." ~ Source…

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    "See it big, and keep it simple." ~ Wilferd A. Peterson From high to Low Silver has dropped over 24%. From high to low Gold…

  • Oil

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    "Security is the chief enemy of mortals." - William Shakespeare, 1564-1616, British Poet, Playwright, Actor Oil recently mounted a strong short term rally and traded…