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Todd Stein & Steven McIntyre are internationally known analysts and editors of The Texas Hedge Report, a market newsletter that highlights under and overvalued securities in the equity, bond, currency, and commodity markets.

  • Powerful Silver ETF

    Published 05 November 2005 | viewed 4,051 times

    Death by a thousand cuts. At least that is what it felt like for those poor souls who were invested in precious metals during the…

  • Misreading Bernanke

    Published 26 October 2005 | viewed 4,760 times

    So it finally happened. On a chilly Monday morning in October, news surfaced that the nomination of Ben Bernanke as new Fed chairman was imminent.…

  • Gold Loves Trouble

    Published 14 October 2005 | viewed 4,055 times

    One would think that an average P/E of 20 on properly accounted for earnings (including stock options and pension adjustments) would weigh on the market.…

  • Re-armed Japan Threatens the Dollar

    Published 22 September 2005 | viewed 5,815 times

    September 11 th was a historic day for American foreign policy. We are, of course, talking about 9/11/05 when Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's Liberal…

  • Gold Quietly Emerging

    Published 08 September 2005 | viewed 3,334 times

    The experts tell us not to fight the Fed. In an environment of rising rates, gold's good times are finished, so we are told. Indeed…

  • Greenspan's $500/Oz. Legacy

    Published 05 August 2005 | viewed 4,675 times

    Housing prices are booming. The NASDAQ and S&P 500 stock indices are at four-year highs. The Russell 2000 index is at an all-time high. The…

  • China Gives Green Light to Gold

    Published 22 July 2005 | viewed 6,081 times

    The news that China cut its currency link to the U.S. Dollar came and went with little media reaction. Headlines and live feeds out of…

  • Soviet Economics

    Published 01 July 2005 | viewed 4,730 times

    If you ever have the chance to travel through Moscow, we would recommend experiencing the local "Metro" subway system. The local trains aren't much different…

  • Backstreet's Back (Time to Sell)

    Published 23 June 2005 | viewed 9,725 times

    Elliott Wave's Bob Prechter, one of the most well known deflationists, once produced a chart comparing the financial markets to the trends within popular culture.…

  • Silver ETF May Cause Spike

    Published 14 June 2005 | viewed 6,617 times

    Perhaps the biggest wild card in the 2005-2006 timeframe for silver prices is the introduction of the silver ETF and its success (or lack thereof).…

  • How to Value a Gold Mining Stock

    Published 03 June 2005 | viewed 3,332 times

    We look at all cyclical companies trying to decipher what a "mid-cycle" earnings stream might be. For instance, let's say an auto maker (the classic…

  • Emperor Greenspan Has No Clothes

    Published 26 May 2005 | viewed 6,993 times

    Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's solution to every economic crisis has been to print more money - often by cutting rates which has the effect…

  • Why We Like Those Wretched Gold Stocks

    Published 13 May 2005 | viewed 4,477 times

    Gold and silver mining stocks carry with them far greater risk than does the bullion. Mining is an utterly wretched business - don't let anyone…

  • The Public has Yet to Discover Gold

    Published 03 May 2005 | viewed 5,876 times

    According to various sources, Berkshire Hathaway lost $310 million in the first quarter of 2005 betting against the U.S. Dollar. This $310 million loss generated…

  • Greenspan Fading Away

    Published 26 April 2005 | viewed 5,846 times

    It has been a long journey for Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Say what you want about the man, but the impact of his upcoming…

  • What's Going on with Gold and the Dollar?

    Published 15 April 2005 | viewed 6,049 times

    An e-mail we just received from a subscriber: "Hi guys, I know this message may be the sign of the bottom, but I cannot take…

  • Interest Rates (and Gold) Going Up Up Up

    Published 06 April 2005 | viewed 8,791 times

    Alan Greenspan recently told the world that hedge funds ought not to be expecting the carry trade to last forever. In other words, they'd better…

  • Gold Bull Market: Right on Track

    Published 29 March 2005 | viewed 5,357 times

    Despite all the headlines we hear about a commodity boom, gold and silver prices have gone nowhere over the last twelve months. Meanwhile, the market…

  • All Roads Lead to Gold and Silver

    Published 18 March 2005 | viewed 4,853 times

    There is a whiff of Soviet-style economics in the air today in America. The U.S. government's CPI data is cooked. CNBC and Larry Kudlow's "buy…

  • The Politics Behind the U.S. Dollar

    Published 07 March 2005 | viewed 4,658 times

    The condition of the U.S. Dollar is perhaps one of the least thoroughly reported on topics in the press today. Sure, you will read the…