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The Mogambo Guru

The Mogambo Guru

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Richard Daughty (Mogambo Guru) is general partner and COO for Smith Consultant Group, serving the financial and medical communities, and the writer/publisher of the Mogambo Guru economic newsletter, an avocational exercise to better heap disrespect on those who desperately deserve it. The Mogambo Guru is quoted frequently in Barron's, The Daily Reckoning, and other fine publications.

  • Gold Flavored Napoleon Complex

    Published 02 November 2007 | viewed 3,733 times

    I read somewhere that the money supply in China is growing at 20%, which proves that the Chinese government is every bit as stupid as…

  • Drowning in Inflation is Never Popular

    Published 01 November 2007 | viewed 5,409 times

    "And if the yuan is 40% undervalued…this means that if oil were to miraculously stay at $80 a barrel while the yuan strengthens by 40%…

  • The Sole Inflation Creator

    Published 26 October 2007 | viewed 4,271 times

    "I am beside myself in anger! If it had not been for the damnable Federal Reserve, we would all have a rising standard of living,…

  • Gunning Down Money Creation

    Published 25 October 2007 | viewed 4,895 times

    "So imagine my surprise to hear them yelling at each other 'Damn it! He almost shot me! What in the hell is that Stupid Lunatic…

  • Cheaper to Freeze to Death

    Published 23 October 2007 | viewed 5,467 times

    "And the inflation news just keeps getting worse, as we had a 4.4% y-o-y increase in the Producer Price Index in September. And yet people…

  • Werewolves of Inflation

    Published 18 October 2007 | viewed 4,273 times

    "The government simply budgeted more borrowing…and so the budget deficit appears lower on paper, even though they borrowed and spent more than they budgeted! At…

  • Trading Your Paycheck for a Coin Purse

    Published 16 October 2007 | viewed 9,400 times

    "The damned government has now ruined the money so badly that the little bit of metal in the old coins is now worth more than…

  • Did He Say, "Tighter Monetary Policy"?

    Published 12 October 2007 | viewed 3,840 times

    "So it looks like about $15.4 trillion in bank assets and liabilities is being backed up by a minuscule $40.2 billion! That's a microscopic 0.0026%.…

  • Gold Hoarding Greedy Pigs

    Published 10 October 2007 | viewed 5,047 times

    "The majority must always be wrong! Therefore, it is crucial that they remain clueless at this stage of the coming gold, silver, oil and commodities…

  • The Rodney Dangerfield of Commodities

    Published 08 October 2007 | viewed 4,968 times

    "As for the apparent disrespect for silver, it's the vector you get from history…and the suspicion that comes from an enigma, wrapped in a mystery,…

  • Take My Buying Power...Please

    Published 05 October 2007 | viewed 4,141 times

    "And all of this money was created so that the American government could slide into the stinking swamp of communism, as over one-half (the majority)…

  • Demand Sacrifices Quality Packaging

    Published 03 October 2007 | viewed 3,669 times

    "This, then, is how the rich get richer! And the poor get poorer because they are the ones paying the 'silent tax' of higher prices…

  • Welcoming the End of the World

    Published 19 September 2007 | viewed 6,716 times

    "Higher prices in winter?...'Sounds miserable,' I think to myself, 'but not the end of the world!' This was...contradicted by Doug Casey... He writes, 'Let me…

  • A Peek at the Peak Oil Problem

    Published 17 September 2007 | viewed 5,051 times

    "Originally, I had wanted to animate my little PowerPoint presentation to show the cumulative long-term effects of peak oil, meaning that the amount of oil…

  • Remembering Richebacher

    Published 11 September 2007 | viewed 6,644 times

    "Dr. Kurt Richebächer, a legendary luminary in the Austrian school of economics vein, has, I am very sorry to say, died. I will miss him,…

  • Economic Enemy #1

    Published 27 August 2007 | viewed 12,700 times

    "Alan Greenspan is guilty, guilty, guilty of letting the banks create all that excess money and credit, which distorted the hell out of the mal-invested…

  • Unlawful Economic Stupidity

    Published 23 August 2007 | viewed 5,196 times

    "As evidence of that surprising 'economic laws don't apply here' statement...almost $500 trillion in financial derivatives exist...and the number of derivatives 'is increasing at the…

  • Liquidity Can't Solve Insolvency

    Published 21 August 2007 | viewed 9,345 times

    The big, big problem with the whole subprime/CDO/Armageddon market thing is that while the values on these assets can go down, the debts incurred to…

  • Two Days to Make $300 Billion, Part I

    Published 17 August 2007 | viewed 6,384 times

    "$300 billion is...a Big Freaking Lot (BFL) of money, being almost a third of a trillion dollars in two days...or being roughly $50 in cash…

  • Voodoo Bell Curve Curses the Fed

    Published 14 August 2007 | viewed 6,065 times

    "...the Fed is doomed to fail, due not by my hating them so much and my putting a voodoo curse on them all, but on…