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The Mogambo Guru

The Mogambo Guru

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Richard Daughty (Mogambo Guru) is general partner and COO for Smith Consultant Group, serving the financial and medical communities, and the writer/publisher of the Mogambo Guru economic newsletter, an avocational exercise to better heap disrespect on those who desperately deserve it. The Mogambo Guru is quoted frequently in Barron's, The Daily Reckoning, and other fine publications.

  • US Money Supply: An Education

    Published 27 April 2010 | viewed 0 times

    I had gradually reset upward the Minimum Threshold Value knobs of the Mogambo Fed Credit Alert System since things started getting whacky and it kept…

  • Owning Gold and Silver: The Unsafe Method

    Published 20 April 2010 | viewed 0 times

    Thanks to Bill Murphy and the Gold Anti-Trust Action (GATA) committee, the slimy, market-manipulating goings-on in the short-selling of gold futures and silver futures to…

  • US Deficit Spending: A Tough Pill to Swallow

    Published 15 April 2010 | viewed 0 times

    Most people know me as the peachy kind of wonderful guy who, when you are piteously beaten down by a cruel and unforgiving world, and…

  • Catatonic Oil Consumption

    Published 13 April 2010 | viewed 0 times

    Julian Phillips at Goldforecaster.com writes that Saudi Arabia, the major oil exporter, "exported more oil to China than to the United States last year" which…

  • Laughing in the Face of Financial Destruction

    Published 08 April 2010 | viewed 379 times

    Sometimes, when things seem to have gotten their worst, I morosely think that things could not get any worse, and pretty soon I am thinking…

  • ObamaCare: No Cure for Government Spending

    Published 06 April 2010 | viewed 371 times

    I know that I should write something about ObamaCare and the new health insurance law that is over 2,000 pages long to achieve a blatant…

  • National Income Decline: Time to Put Your Kids to Work?

    Published 01 April 2010 | viewed 315 times

    The fact is that Social Security is seemingly doomed, as, for the first time, this year more money will be paid out to beneficiaries than…

  • Ballad of a Heartbreaking Money Supply

    Published 30 March 2010 | viewed 225 times

    As much as I scream in Loud Mogambo Outrage (LMO) about the sheer amount of money that is being created that will create horrendous inflation…

  • Government Funded Businesses: Going Where the Money Is

    Published 26 March 2010 | viewed 357 times

    It's always been true, over and over, that corruption is always at its maximum at the end of long booms powered by an expansion of…

  • Financial Talk Show Circuit

    Published 23 March 2010 | viewed 361 times

    The recent weird action in gold, namely that its price has not risen despite every reason to rise, has people angrily writing to me and…

  • Private Debt Decline: Good For US Bad for the Economy

    Published 17 March 2010 | viewed 873 times

    I got a disturbing email from Bianco Research which showed a chart of "Private Credit Market Debt" which they say shows "Total credit market creation…

  • Bet Against the Majority -- Buy Gold

    Published 11 March 2010 | viewed 2,347 times

    I was laid out on the couch, which I remember distinctly because my wife was yelling, "If you're going lay down on the couch instead…

  • Consumer Debt and the Supply-Demand Dynamic

    Published 09 March 2010 | viewed 628 times

    I was recently reminded of the old argument about Say's Law, and that reminded me that it was Keynes who twisted Say's theories around to…

  • Borrow and Spend Economics to Pay for Borrowing and Spending

    Published 05 March 2010 | viewed 3,345 times

    Okay, I will admit that we had a little accidental gunfire around here recently, but nobody was hurt, and all that really happened is that…

  • Inflation: The Economic Factor that Never Stops

    Published 03 March 2010 | viewed 1,647 times

    I am a guy who thinks that such huge explosions in money supplies around the world and the explosions in government deficit-spending around the world…

  • Persistent Debts Despite the Printing Press

    Published 26 February 2010 | viewed 878 times

    The proverbial boogeyman, the phrase "end of the world as we know it", is not particularly significant to me because it is, literally, always true,…

  • Stock Market Rallies: Nothing Lasts Forever

    Published 24 February 2010 | viewed 2,040 times

    People hear my clear, clarion call for them to buy gold, silver and oil as their protection from the monetary and fiscal stupidities which abound…

  • Calm in the Face of Fiscal Insanity

    Published 20 February 2010 | viewed 3,197 times

    Eric Fry here at The Daily Reckoning is "reporting from the Golden State with the tarnished finances", which was a riddle that I instantly knew…

  • Economic Warnings from an Elderly 3rd Grader

    Published 12 February 2010 | viewed 2,336 times

    I was leisurely looking out of the periscope of the Mogambo Bunker Of Paranoid Fear (MBOPF), using it not as an aiming device with which…

  • Thank the Fed For Your Lack of Purchasing Power

    Published 22 September 2009 | viewed 6,216 times

    In case you were wondering, there is no way to stop spending a debt-based currency once you start, which handily explains why Doug Noland, in…