• 14 hours Gold Is Up But Bears Still Have The Advantage
  • 15 hours Consumers Show ‘Extraordinary’ Shift In Sentiment
  • 16 hours Uber Falling Victim to Investors’ Short-Term Thinking
  • 17 hours Has Eastern European Economic Growth Hit A Ceiling?
  • 18 hours Wall Street Confident In Trade War Breakthrough
  • 20 hours Emerging Market Woes Spark Surge In Bitcoin Trading Volume
  • 22 hours Saudis Sovereign Wealth Fund Eyes Tesla Rival
  • 2 days Inflation Wipes Out Wage Growth
  • 3 days Turks Flock To Safe Haven Assets As Lira Plummets
  • 4 days Did North Korean Hackers Just Steal $13M From Global ATMs?
  • 4 days Asian Tech Stocks Rebound After A Tough Week
  • 4 days Switzerland Bans New Audi, Mercedes, Porsche Imports
  • 4 days Sealing Off The North Korea Smuggling Loophole
  • 4 days This Tech Giant Is Pushing For Blockchain Adoption
  • 4 days Venezuela’s Gold Reserves Are Reaching Critical Levels
  • 5 days Brexit Woes Weigh On The British Pound
  • 5 days Forget Turkey, This Is The Biggest Threat To European Finance
  • 5 days There’s No Hiding From Google
  • 5 days Turkish Lira Bounces Back After Qatar Bailout Pledge
  • 5 days What Happens If Tesla Goes Private?

Vadim Pokhlebkin

Vadim Pokhlebkin

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Vadim Pokhlebkin joined Robert Prechter's Elliott Wave International in 1998. A Moscow, Russia, native, Vadim has a Bachelor's in Business from Bryan College, where he got his first introduction to the ideas of free market and investors' irrational collective behavior. Vadim's articles focus on the application of the Wave Principle in real-time market trading, as well as on dispersing investment myths through understanding of what really drives people's collective investment decisions.

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