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Wilfred Hahn

Wilfred Hahn

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Wilfred Hahn is intimately familiar with the many facets and challenges of the world of money, having worked in the global financial and investment industry for over two decades.

Business and research travels have brought Wilfred to 40 countries around the world, allowing him a unique opportunity to keep abreast of global developments and to maintain an international network of contacts. He is a published author and has written on global financial markets, ethics and stewardship issues. When Euromoney Magazine asked fund managers around the world to name their favorite domestic and international research analysts, Wilfred was chosen one of them. Many foreign publications around the world have quoted Wilfred, including the South China Morning Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine, and the Financial Post. He has made numerous appearances on various television and radio broadcasts.

Prior to founding Hahn Investment Stewards, Wilfred was head of the Global Investment Group of the Royal Bank of Canada. In this position, he built the global discretionary business of this institution, comprising the activities of staff in nine countries and assets of clients totaling in excess of $10 billion. The group's many clients around the world included pension funds, corporations, mutual fund unit-holders and private individuals.

Prior to the Royal Bank he co-founded Hahn Capital Partners Inc. - a global investment counseling firm that was sold to the Royal Bank of Canada. Earlier in his career Wilfred was Senior Vice President, Director of Research of Prudential Bache Securities. There he gained extensive global experience, establishing a high ranking as a financial market strategist. Earlier, Wilfred was a partner in the investment banking firm of Gordon Capital Inc.

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