4th of July, Should We Laugh Or Cry?

By: John Rubino | Mon, Jul 1, 2013
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Film maker Mark Dice has been having some fun lately at Americans' expense by wandering around with a camera and microphone, asking people questions that the typical high school freshman would know - if they lived in a country that had its act together.

Here's a video where he asks a lot of healthy-looking, seemingly-non-brain-damaged people what this week's holiday is about, and finds that the only one who knows is a German citizen:

And here he's standing outside of a coin dealer trying to sell an ounce of silver for a dollar, and not getting any takers.

This actually explains a lot, including why our elections are beginning to resemble MTV reality shows and why there's so little outrage at the frequently-unconstitutional things that seem to happen daily.

More coming. But right now I've got to find my kids and ask them some questions.



John Rubino

Author: John Rubino

John Rubino

John Rubino

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