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2012-2021: Global Spring, the Time Is Nigh

Following the absolute failure and systemic insolvency that shocked global economies in 2008-2009, people of The United States', and the World at large, missed an extraordinary opportunity to champion a revolutionary shift toward liberating global citizenry from the corrupt tyrannical grip of the evil twins who have implicit mastery and command over a sacred trinity of deceit, illusion, and destruction.

Breeding Ground of Corruption

The evil twins to which we refer are the egregiously flawed Democratic/Communist/Socialist Governments of the G-20, in collusion with the Global Banking Cartels to which they grant coordinated fiat license to commit continuous legal fraud against the masses.

Citibank, Bank of America

Governments around the world do this by partnering implicitly with, and granting their global banking cartels the extraordinary privilege of creating money and credit ex nihilo, or stated more clearly, by counterfeiting, which is fraudulent and illegal by the most historically common and natural rules of law known to man.

This irresistible temptation to cheat easily through the fraudulent creation of illusionary wealth from nothing has an insidious effect. Such misappropriation distorts the behavior, planning, investment, and production cycles of all agents and actors involved in every aspect of the economic and political process.

It is clear, that the United States' are no longer plural, but rather a singular United "State" of America, part socialist, part fascist, and on the surface, "free", as advertised. We trust that based upon its heavy-handed involvement in national and global economies, that all impartial observers must logically conclude that America conducts itself more like a centralized power of economically planned socialism, which, as Hayek argued, is a system doomed to fail by design. Hayek also argued that socialism is a common pathway that if left unchecked, has in the past, turned democratic nations into totalitarian regimes.

The opaque coup of the infant United States was vexing, incomprehensible, and brilliant from its founding. Masked under the flag of freedom, beyond its righteous surface, it has risen as everything but the free democratic republic it espouses itself to be. If not mended with swift caution, America will inevitably fall along with the balance of socialist/communist societies.

From its very beginnings, led principally by Hamilton, varied agents within the newly formed republic persistently lobbied and ultimately succeeded in positioning the young government in such a way as to allow it to attain a supreme privilege of omnipotent power that stood far above of the rule of law.

Brilliantly worded by the most crafty of elite and well-read scholars, clearly, the constitution contained loopholes and future amendments from which agents in support of an all powerful centralized government could eventually unpack, and thus gain the imposing capacity to empower themselves with extraordinary powers and permanent totalitarian control of the states and its citizens. Under the cloak of freedom, that is exactly what they did, and they did it well.

As evidenced by history, which leads us to the present, the masterful cloaking device is beginning to fade, and America is no longer able to connect-the-dots to reconcile its actions as the free democratic republic it claims itself to be.

Different Century, Familiar Tune

If held to the equal rule of law, independently, the business of government and banking are indispensible utilities within free societies. Placed together in collusion however, they become the most sinister and destructive forces on the face of the Earth.

Such collusion, and the seemingly benign but subversive entitlement it imparts to the actors and agents nearest its core, is the insidious undetectable cancer that continues to metastasize across the globe with increasing speed.

Unless we achieve full and complete success in parting these evil twins of persistent decay, and legislate that they adhere like the rest of us, to the common natural laws established throughout history, it will be our grim destiny to further enrich and empower them, and forever remain their servants at our own expense and dignity.

By now, it is self-evident that a two party American system of government within a society that falsely perceives itself free, is unable to administer effective democratic governance precisely because it attempts to do so within the confines of a socialist-totalitarian yet democratic regime.

Essentially, we are assigning our elected officials with an impossible task. This clearly explains why the division of ideology grows exponentially in tandem with the growth of the socialist/totalitarian state, which thus far, has successfully disguised itself as free democratic republic.

Is it any wonder why Americans are becoming exceedingly more indignant toward government, and in growing numbers, are demanding to know why our American system of government does not at all appear to reflect any semblance of what the constitution has outlined, the very grounds upon which Americans base their pride and patriotism.

Missing the momentous opportunity in 2009, we sheepishly stood by quietly in fear as the evil twins savagely plundered its citizenry of wealth and treasure, taking it one-step closer to the inevitable brink of complete and utter demise.

Let us not repeat such errors at the turn of the next crisis, which shall upon its certain arrival, will again elevate great fears amongst the masses. At the next crises, our masters will try to shake us once more, and again coerce us to acquiesce to the wisdom of those responsible for its cause, and bow to them as their servants, in carrying all of the generational burdens, costs, and liabilities associated with their recurrent failures.

Bank for International Settlements

For the love of your life, parents, children and grandchildren, under any circumstance, do not allow such pillage and plunder to happen ever again.

Instead, upon the next arrival of crisis, we shall be justified and obligated to exercise the lawful right to remove all agents comprising the corrupt elements of the failing republic, and command its restoration to comply explicitly, in accordance and the spirit that is galvanized in the original frameworks residing within the documents of our founding.

We must do so peacefully, with expedient caution, and in accordance with the fundamental concepts and intent of the founding documents, which is what the majority of Americans perceive to be the unshakable foundation upon which American values and ideals solidly rest, the ideals of law, freedom, and liberty, for which they have always been prepared to die.


Though it may be impossible to rid a system of corruption entirely, we must nonetheless endeavor to do so leaving no stone unturned. Naturally, such a large process of transition will take time, and we must remain vigilant until an even rule of law once again prevails blindly across the land, and eventually across the entire globe.

Beyond the opinions and beliefs stated above, we are not qualified to pen such a manifesto. Instead, courtesy of Mr. Jesús Huerta de Soto, we shall supply and share the tenets of a critical starting point from which to consider.

A Manifesto for Revolution, Justice, Restoration, and a New Beginning:

The first and foremost priority is to stop the bleeding by stripping the evil twins of their insidious and unlawful powers. Once we stop the bleeding and return to a blind and impartial rule of law, we can then surmount the balance of corruption, which as byproducts of the failed system, shall lay in wait for removal or fundamental restoration.

De Soto's manifesto contains the essential initial framework for a rational transition that will strip the twins of the current "privileged" system of the government-banking cartel monopoly, to one where the rule of law is uniformly reestablished, eventually separating banking and government completely in order to avoid the greatest temptation known to humankind, creating money (ex nihilo) from nothing.

Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles

Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles:

De Soto's brilliant Manifesto is a comprehensive treatment of the root causes of economic crisis and a failsafe blueprint for how to improve matters through a return to sound legal principle:

Can the market fully manage the money and banking sector? In this major book, Jesús Huerta de Soto argues that the market can manage the money and banking sector, that it can again, without inflation, without business cycles, and without the economic instability that has characterized the age of government control.

A complete comprehensive treatise on economic theory, the book is sweeping, revolutionary, and devastating - not only the most extended elucidation of Austrian business cycle theory to ever appear in print but also a decisive vindication of the Misesian-Rothbardian perspective on money, banking, and the law.

Its five main contributions:

A wholesale reconstruction of the legal framework for money and banking, from the ancient world to modern times
An application of law-and-economics logic to banking that links microeconomic analysis to macroeconomic phenomena
A comprehensive critique of fractional-reserve banking from the point of view of history, theory, and policy
An application of the Austrian critique of socialism to central banking
The most comprehensive look at banking enterprise from the point of view of market-based entrepreneurship

De Soto also provides a defense of the Austrian perspective on business cycles against every other theory, defends the 100% reserve perspective from the point of view of Roman and British law, takes on the most important objections to full reserve theory, and presents a full policy program for radical reform.

Are you a true revolutionary committed to fighting for freedom, liberty, and sustainable solutions for effective change?

Are you dead serious about educating yourself on the history, politics, economics, laws, doctrines, and theories behind these critical matters?

If you are, then you owe it to yourself and your country to carefully study and absorb De Soto's superbly crafted treatise cover-to-cover.


Trade Better/Invest Smarter


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