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Pop Goes The Roundup Ready Corn

I'm just a guy who runs his own business and watches markets, particularly when I see what looks like a major event on the horizon, for a hobby. In 2004 I began freaking out about what I saw in the real estate market. Nobody believed me when I said it was headed for catastrophe. Everyone I knew was buying real estate and they all thought I was crazy when I told them what I thought was about to happen. After some time I began to find websites like dollarcollapse and other similar sites with lots of articles talking about the same thing I saw coming. I read a lot for several years and then eventually lost interest some time after the bubble popped. So I haven't been doing much reading about economies, markets, or anything like that for the last two to three years but something, once again, has caught my attention in a very big way.

Ok, so now for what I am seeing. I will be the first to tell you that I may be completely wrong here but I don't think so. I love watching markets and the psychology behind denial, capitulation, etc... The markets can be deceived for a time but they always seem to work in the end. That brings me to a very, very strong suspicion I have. Quite literally identical to the feeling I had beginning in maybe late 2004. I am very confident that I see a bubble, which I believe is in the beginning stages of being popped that could potentially dwarf the credit markets and real estate collapse of 2008. So what is it? Ok, this might sound funny at first but I would ask you to seriously consider what I am saying before disregarding this. At least dig into it with a couple of hours of research before you laugh it off, if you would please.

I believe we are at approximately the same place now on the timescale of the financial crisis at about the 2004-2005 time period. The bubble I feel confident is beginning to pop is in GMO and specifically GMO/Glyphosate combination. Better known as Roundup Ready crops. I could share a personal story but I wont right here other than to say I was very sick with multiple diseased for many. Seven weeks ago a friend told me about Glyphosate or Roundup being sprayed directly onto crops to even out the harvest. I spent about ten hours doing research on the subject and became convinced there was at least a chance that Glyphosate or Roundup could be causing my health issues. I had already spent tens of thousand of dollars and tried almost every treatment imaginable, both western and natural, to find a cure. Nothing worked. So six weeks ago I decided to try an experiment. I switched every food I was eating that is typically high in Glyphosate over to NON-GMO brands. This is something I never thought I would do. And truthfully I did not really think it would work. Six weeks later, multiple diseases are in remission. Psoriasis and rashes that covered my body are almost gone. As well as life threatening metabolic issues related to my endocrine system suddenly dissipated to almost zero. And I still eat every single food I was eating just not any with Glyphosate residue. Ok, so much for the personal story. This really motivated me to investigate further.

For the last two weeks I have become obsessed with learning everything I could about Glyphosate and GMO, their use around the globe, political action swirling around this group of products, and the latest research into its toxicity and environmental effects. A large portion of my research time was dedicated to digging up and reviewing as much scholarly and peer-reviewed data as possible while trying to be as objective as I could. If you were to ask me what my opinion is regarding the fate of Roundup Ready crops globally, I very clearly see the beginnings of what will become a rapid global cascade effect of the complete rejection by governments around the world of all Roundup Ready agricultural products. And I will tell you, and people will verify, I predicted the financial collapse almost exactly as it happened. So I've done this before and I have the emails to prove it. Of course, the past means nothing really. But what I am seeing and I think you would see if you started looking into this is the beginning stages of the pop of a massive bubble. I believe I see an oncoming global revolt against Roundup Ready products at the university, peer reviewed journal, governmental, and ultimately societal level.

All you need to do is go to Youtube and watch the governmental meeting in multiple countries in which just the mention of Glyphosate gets a nasty reaction from most of the people in attendance. In many of these meetings biologists are making power point presentations of their finding with regard to Glyphosate and its adverse health effect on mammals. What they are finding is truly disturbing. Some of these countries are outright rejecting these products and a lot of countries are on the fence right now, poised to very likely reject them in the near term. It seems clear that crowd dynamics is beginning to kick in, where everyone runs for the exits simply because everyone is running for the exits.

I have found multiple testimony and reports of large scale farmers in other countries using GMOs in tandem with Glyhposate who are using more medicine, coping with more disease, and their yields are falling. Their birth rates are falling and their birth defects are rising. The bottom line is that in using this system many farmers are making less profit. And I found a considerable amount of testimony and evidence that once these farmers switch off of GMO and Glyphosate their margins actually go up. Do you think the market will tolerate this much longer? I do not. There are other data points, which are indications of a move away from GMO. Organic food sales increased over 12% last year in the US. In Australia organic food sales are exploding at over 15% per year. Sales of NON-GMO corn seeds are growing faster right now than they have in years. Also, notice the label NON-GMO is becoming part of marketing campaigns and it is working. Sales of NON-GMO food are growing at an explosive rate as consumers are becoming educated. Imagine if you were Ford and your competitors were using the label "NON-Ford" to sell their brands of cars and you were losing market share as theirs was increasing. Would you think that maybe there was a problem with your business model? I believe there are so many indicators flashing red for a popping GMO/Glyphosate bubble and just like the so called real estate bubble, it appears as though nobody sees it.

Just as we were told that all of those millions of sub prime mortgages were not toxic and there was nothing to worry about, we're again being given assurances by the regulatory agencies that everything is just fine. But this time the toxicity is not an abstraction, not digits on computer screen that can be covered over with new algorithms. The toxicity we face this time is real. It exists in three dimensions and evidence is piling up that it exists in our food. What I see taking hold right now in the psyche of the society is that the same simmering, percolating just under the surface anxiety we saw in the early stages of the financial crisis. It looks quite clear that the crowd will soon be rushing for the exits. The global opting out of Roundup Ready is soon to get underway.

If I am right, imagine the consequences for our economy and the global economy for that matter. Right now in the United States over 85% of our soybean and corn crops are Roundup Ready. What happens if the United States is suddenly unable to sell 85% of our soybean and corn into the world markets? People thought real estate was tied into every aspect of the economy. It has nothing on agriculture. It literally touches everything. If there is a global exit from Roundup Ready, which I surmise is almost guaranteed to happen, we may be facing some very interesting times ahead. Look at what Putin is doing with regard to GMO. Russia has just banned all GMO other than for research purposes for ten years. Look at China's and India's growing concern of their safety. Look at the Nordic countries beginning to shift off of GMO and the scathing scholarly papers coming out of prestigious universities in Germany and all around the globe. Even in Central and South America, the rejection of Roundup Ready crops has begun. If you open your eyes and look, I think you would see a global bubble in the beginning stages of popping.

I believe the denial stage is barely holding right now. I predict it may hold for one more year at most and then capitulation begins.

Anyway, that's my pitch. My intention in telling you this is that maybe it helps in some way. That is, if I'm right. Talking about things, really digging into important issues before they detonate seems to be a better option than waking up one morning and finding no ground beneath our feet. Of course, I could be wrong but I'd bet everything I own on this one. It looks clear as day that a giant bubble getting ready to pop and nobody is talking about it.

THE GLOBAL GMO BUBBLE, Pop Goes The Roundup Ready Corn.


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