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Another Retail Giant Bites The Dust

Another Retail Giant Bites The Dust

Forever 21 filed for Chapter…

Is The Bull Market On Its Last Legs?

Is The Bull Market On Its Last Legs?

This aging bull market may…

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Gold continues to perform as expected, $500 and more will arrive prior to the contrarian herd's call for $375 etal, at least that is the way I see it.

Nowadays it's... business as usual. We're pretty much morally and ethically bankrupt, so it's a wash on balance, we will have higher GOLD prices, but at immeasurable cost.

I suppose that's why we use toilet paper for money, import stuff we think we want, things we need and hand over worthless DEBT money called Federal Reserve Notes.

This, of course, is masterfully centrally planned, kind of like those Marxist/Fabian screw ups, which for a very long time have succeeded in nothing but abject failure.

In Iraq, we had a thug on the CIA dole to control the thousands of year's accumulated thuggery that occurred in the Fertile Crescent. Now we would prefer 'Democracy.' Here at home we've forgotten the Republic and for that which it stood.

A thug named Saddam Hussein was our evil dictator, involved with Al Quida, tacit in cooperation and support for reducing the Twin Towers to rubble.

Weapons of Mass Destruction were in every bunker.

He was buying Plutonium from Niger.

He had drones capable of using weapons of mass destruction on Israel.

All bull____, all the time.

Peak Oil may add some decided advantages... less of this nonsense. Then again, with a massive global economic contraction in economic activity, there are no guarantees the modern day robber barons will stop seeking profit.

Truth be told, WE, the USA, are the largest terrorist group known to man/womankind in recorded History.

Need proof?

It is beyond abundant.

Apparently, no one has the right to self defense against any U.S. exercise of force, which is by definition, just, moral and correct. We are spreading Democracy, Good Will or some other versions of the Rothschild Doctrine throughout the Globe. Conflict is an age old mechanism for generating massive profits. Slavery and GOLD can't hold a candle to War in terms of PROFIT.

The 'Creature' is alive and well in Amerika.

Look no further back than French Indochina which was largely controlled by the Japanese during World War II. When Japan surrendered, Ho Chi Minh declared independence and the US provided military aid and support to remove the Japanese from Indochina. The French were active in Indochina from the late 40's thru 1955; they slowly began to withdraw as their failure to reestablish control over their former colony following the Japanese occupation ended in defeat. There were several attempts made to reassert their reach with U.S. assistance, but these failed as the U.S. began to assume the role of alpha pot sticker.

When our form of 'Democracy' could no longer maintain control in 1961; direct military action began in earnest during the spring of 1962. Our 'advisors' decided effective measures in fomenting further conflict would be two fold:

For starters, the chemical destruction of crops; ruining self sufficient centuries old farming practices, independent of political and war mongering agendas would breed conflict.

Thereafter, a massive relocation of this now indigent population by the United States Navy of more than one million North Vietnamese, many of which were Catholics, from the Hanoi area to the Mekong Delta region south of Saigon.

In 1963 the assassination of Diem, allowed us to install a more compliant puppet. One that as U.S. official William Bundy put it, 'Our requirements were really very simple - we wanted any government that would continue to fight.'

These 'refugees' became the 'Vietcong'.

The 'Catholic' VC (500,000 of the 1 Million+) was nothing more than relocated refugees with no means of support, their farms had been ruined through chemistry. Agriculture was all they knew, their dislocation presented few alternatives and with no real support for cultural integration on any level. They had lost everything and had nothing.

No one asked them, they were told.

The fermentation process began as it does through collective moral decay, one of the greatest pieces of propaganda during the Vietnam War was how the 'Communist VC infiltrators' came into existence. Former Northern farmers and families were dislocated; United States made refugees with little to no means of support.

When Americans become refugees inside our own borders, people we have a problem. These Americans are not fleeing war, political oppression, or religious persecution, although one could certainly argue the response to this crisis costs lives, last Saturday the media's paradigm shift began in earnest. The dead were not the first priority; it was the living or so began the message track.

For me, Friday could not have arrived soon enough; this past week was filled with emotional & delusional emails, confusion, anxiety and above all else the archetype for American's cultural sculpture.

The media's conceptual derivatives have been swallowed whole by both sides of the isle. Emulating the fundamental origins the Nazis; the present administration is patently convinced of its own effectiveness in subrogating the masses to their message track. Disinformation is rather easy to cross dress; adding to the confusion and delay.

Adolf Hitler devoted two chapters of Mein Kampf to the analysis of effective propaganda. He viewed propaganda as a vehicle for political pandering to the masses and argued that it was a way of conveying a message to the people of German people.

Rationales, skeptical and thinking individuals, on balance, were unarmed jungle inhabitants.

Judging from the putrid filth swinging from tree to tree passing itself off as information; truth has not only become the first casualty of the ever expanding War on Violent Extremism, it is now an enemy.

The administration's agenda; shows no respect for facts, places, property or persons.

Manipulation of information is the norm, the modern archetype observed. The media and various think tanks have aided and abetted in the wide ranging deceit on every front. There remains a chasm between their use of the vernacular 'promotion' and propaganda.

Their integrity remains a collective and sanctimonious demand, namely that we pay reverence to their agenda.

'We;' being anyone.

As in, 'You are either with us or against us.'

'We' as being:

The 'American Way of Life is non-negotiable' as presented by President George Bush Sr. 41 st president at the Earth Summit on the environment in Rio de Janiero, 1992. George Bush Jr., Dick Cheney and Carl Rove are entirely congruent; having declared the co-dependent American 'way of life' as non-negotiable.

Freneticism is fast becoming the accepted epitome; one that demands a herd of turtles run and not walk.

More DEBT money for real goods and services...

The destructive convulsions, ever present and compounding daily proceed toward a chaotic jeopardy which will increasingly persist in fomenting further secular divisions throughout America.

What happened in New Orleans? Was it the widespread and violent chaos prescribed early on by the propaganda matrix? I doubt it, very much in fact, perhaps a small fraction of the community.

I heard something yesterday on the radio that startled me. A thinking man suggested that there existed series of compound moral hazards in New Orleans and America at large. People living below sea level, surrounded by water ought to have further considered their own peril. Reliance on Government assistance creates more Government, less liberty and far more poverty. Looking to Big Brother to solve our problems has only served to create and instill a sense of helplessness when we should be relying on one another, as individuals converging to solve problems.

At no time in our history has the cultural divide been economic/financial/political segments of the populous been more apparent to the thinking observer. NOLA illustrates this with clarity unmatched in our nation's recent history. Financial/Economic interests have always served as the underlying truth, based in clear concise fact, but obfuscated by the half-truths of a multitude of 'issues.'

Third World Nations politicize everything, it is THE way. I know, having spent enough time witnessing it first hand. The forces at play divide.

President Lincoln served economic interests in uniting this Nation; since the early 1960's we have stood by and watched an accelerating division of what out founding fathers vehemently stood against.

Our young history illustrates the chaos and conflicts of dependence for those willing to research the facts.

Things are rarely as they seem.

History's pen is most often a prescription written to target a far more ruthless game of global economic and political attritions.

Interesting times are dead ahead, look both ways before crossing and don't panic. Living in fear is no way to live. Be unyielding in your efforts to think. The mass of mis/disinformation continues to expand.

Less is more, and I'm in need of a shave, now where's my Occam razor?

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