• 15 hours Gold Exodus To Reverse
  • 2 days Wall Street Salaries Soar After Another Solid Year
  • 2 days Ripple Soars, Overtakes Ethereum As 2nd Largest Crytpocurrency
  • 2 days The New King In Cannabis Markets
  • 2 days Emerging Markets Boost Gold Holdings
  • 3 days Is It To Cut And Run On The S&P 500?
  • 3 days Another European Bank Falls To Russia-Linked Money Laundering
  • 3 days Improved Commodity Conditions Fueled Mining Growth In 2017
  • 3 days Is Tesla "Headed For The Graveyard?"
  • 4 days Morgan Stanley Turns Bullish On Gold
  • 4 days How Climate Change Is Impacting Global Hunger
  • 4 days Hacks, Bugs And Exploits: Growing Pains For The $4 Billion Blockchain
  • 4 days Debunking The A.I. Productivity Myth
  • 5 days Coca-Cola Hints At Cannabis Product
  • 5 days Saudi Wealth Fund Pumps $1B Into Tesla Rival
  • 5 days Major Financial Institutions Are Planning Crypto Products
  • 5 days Is A Market Meltdown Looming?
  • 6 days Is A Four-Day Workweek Feasible?
  • 6 days This Millennial Brokerage Is Coming To Tesla’s Rescue
  • 6 days $2.7 Billion In Assets To Be Auctioned Following Anti-Corruption Crackdown
Gordon Long

Gordon Long

Mr. Long is a former senior group executive with IBM & Motorola, a principle in a high tech public start-up and founder of a private…

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Mike Shedlock

Mike Shedlock

Michael "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management.

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Mish's Monthly Macro Update

With regular co-host Mish Shedlock & Gordon T Long
34 Minute Video with Slides

Mish Shedlock lays out some of the Key Macro Messages in his extensive writings over the last month.

  • US Economy: Concerning Signals
    • Concerns with what Industrial Production, Consumer Spending and Inventories to Sales are telling us,
    • FOMC Meeting signals fewer and slower number of rate increases,
    • The End of the Obamacare Lift for Employment,
    • US Primaries Signal a Crisis in the US Social Contract.

Mish's Monthly Macro

  • Draghi's Statement Fallout: "This is end of all the Cuts We Can Do"
    • Euro reacts fairly significantly,
    • Concerns about EU Bank profits,
    • ECB to buy Corporate Bonds.
  • Strange Central Bank Policies: Confidence in Central Banks Becoming a Problem
    • What May be Coming,
    • Fiscal "Helicopter Money' and Guaranteed Minimum Incomes / Universal Income
  • Gold - Has Broken Key Overhead Resistance
    • Central Bank Policies of NIRP may be the catalyst,
    • Precious Metals rise in US dollars may be only in the early stages

Mish's Monthly Macro 2

....and there is much, much more, in this fast paced 34 minute Video.


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