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Gordon Long

Gordon Long

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Mr. Long is a former senior group executive with IBM & Motorola, a principle in a high tech public start-up and founder of a private venture capital fund. He is presently involved in private equity placements internationally along with proprietary trading involving the development & application of Chaos Theory and Mandelbrot Generator algorithms.

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    The World Bank just released a telling report entitled "Trade Developments in 2016: Policy Uncertainty Weighs on World Trade". Though they deflect the problems in global…

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    WITCH'S BREW: Sentiment UP, Complacency UP - but Uncertainty Also UP (Not DOWN?) When did the distortion start occurring in the markets when increasing UNCERTAINTY can…

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  • The Great Rotation

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    Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer dejectedly quipped during Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's Humphrey-Hawkins testimony before congress in July of 2012: "I'm afraid the Fed's the only game…

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    Historical Correlations Give Us a Clue to What May Be Ahead! A Falling Global Market Cap Trend Channel The old adage that the "Trend is…

  • A Keynesian Challenge: Prove Deflation is Bad For ME!

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    'Mish' Shedlock and Gordon T Long discuss a number of outstanding issues in 2016 that will become Themes in 2017. Economic Challenge to Keynesian's Mish…

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    The Euro Experiment It was always blatantly clear that an EU monetary union would inevitably require a political union to centralize decisions about tax and…

  • Cycles - Anti-Globalization and The End of The Debt Super Cycle

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    All the well followed economic cycles such as Martin Armstrong's "Economic Confidence Model", Harry Dent's 39 Year Generational Cycle - 35 Year Geo-Political Cycle -…

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    Investors need to focus on the two key long term structural changes now underway which are going to ignite destructive global dislocations through early 2020. To better understand…

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