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Just Speculating ...?

CFR, white house, and US investment firms' deliberate support for Communist China are of course just speculation - but then again ...

Recent developments within the US administration have opened the door wide for some well-reasoned (or perhaps not) speculation.

Naturally, this kind of speculation is of the very wildest kind, and the author disavows any kind of responsibility and/or accountability, and hereby makes the express and public disclaimer that anyone who takes him seriously at it should be shot on sight.

Nevertheless, that door we just mentioned is still wide open, yawning invitingly at the accidental reader who may be happening upon it, unawares.

So here we go.

Bush's appointment of the most recent CEO of Goldman-Sachs, the (in?)famous trading and investment banking house, came fortuitously close to the public announcement that the communist state-owned Bank of China was completing a stunningly phenomenal, record-shattering IPO.

Needless to say that Mr. So-and-So from the House of Goldman-Sachs has impeccable Chinese credentials. He has been "honored" by the Communist Chinese government over and over for his achievements in teaching them how to rig the markets and how to inflate the hell out of their currency in order to beat western central banks at their own game.

Is it mere coincidence that, under his esteemed tutelage, China (i.e., its Communist government) was taught to buy gold while it was cheap while Goldman Sachs, domestically, was at the forefront of the Western central banks and bullion banks' gold suppression scheme?

Of course, it is.

Just as it is pure coincidence that, during that same time frame, Billy-the-Kid Clinton was busy having his Loral, Inc. and diverse other lackeys (or should I say masters?) teach the Chinese how to build workable ICBMs that could functionally deliver megaton payloads of nuclear warheads to United States shores.

And it goes without saying, of course, that China's anecdotally reported gold-buying binge throughout the nineties has absolutely no causal relationship whatsoever to any of these utterly unconnected and discombobulated events.

Oh, I forgot to mention: Remember the stink Republicans made when Billy the Kid was transferring weapons-capable US technology to China? And all that while Chinese scientists at the famous Los Alamos labs in New Mexico were "suspected" (never proved with controlling legal precedent, to be sure) of stealing our nuclear secrets?

Well, according to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, the very same thing went on and continued to go on during the Bush years. The only difference was that, when it came to Bush, no Republican had the guts to say anything about it because, after all, it was "their" guy who was doing it, and he must naturally be protected from all insinuations of evil intent.

So, then we get to the point where "free trade" was being pushed by the White House. Congress was brow-beat into giving Bush the power to "fast track" all of his power and technology transferring trade deals to China, Mexico, Russia, and diverse other powers who hate us.

By now, virtually the entire US manufacturing base has gone offshore - to China mainly (guess where the Commies are learning how to build gadgets that are as sophisticated as ours)?

Our gold reserves that were secretly sold into the market to support the clamp-down on precious metals prices were conveniently snapped up by China and Muslim "friends" of ours.

China and Japan kept our interest rates losw by buying US treasuries with abandon - to load up their "trigger" for the time they deem it wise to bend that index finger backwards a bit.

All the while, Bush was busy keeping the US Border Patrol from doing its job, encouraging US cities to become "sanctuaries" for illegal aliens, passing the Patriot Act to control and monitor the outflows of American wealth, and various other ploys for undermining American power in the world.

Not to forget, China's Communists filled the void that was left in South America by Soviet Russia's collapse. A horrendous resurgence of pro-communist regimes has swamped the subcontinent since then - while under the pressure of its leftist media, US support for "right-wing" regimes has dropped to virtually nil.

China, through its "private" company subsidiary (Hutchinson-Wampoa) controls both sides of the Panama Canal. There is, of course, nothing private about Chinese companies. If you can stand the sickening, politically-correct tone it is written in, read this statement before Congress by US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Noriega to see what is happening in South America.

I could go on with this wild ride of fancy, but I gather you are getting the general idea.

Now, in his crowning moment, Georgie Boy is giving America - or what used to be America - the coup de grace by secretly plotting - without the express knowledge and consent of Congress - to turn the fortunes of every single American over to the likes of Vicente Fox and his minions and hordes of foot soldiers swarming across our southern border in the secure knowledge that very soon there won't be any borders anymore.

This final intoxicating (and toxic) concoction goes by the name of "SPP", aka "Security and Prosperity Partnership" of North America. You can read all about it right here.

This by now deeply China-influenced and Chavez-poisoned southern continent is what Bush wants to "united" us with under his demonic scheme. If you believe Noriega that the administrations' efforts at hemispheric unification are designed to thwart China's efforts rather than aid them, please line up right here at the punch bowl.

Only the smallest number of steadfast and seasoned Americans are refusing to drink the "prez'dent's cool-aid. The rest of us are all just would all but dive into that sticky, poisonously purple-colored punch bowl. Many of us have been floating in it - belly up - for decades.

Just like only the smallest number of investors is anxiously gathering all the physical yellow metal they can get their hands on while the gettin's still good. Anywhere below a thousand per ounce (yes, that's dollars I'm talking about), is a super-bargain.

No. It's absolutely not "too late" to jump on that train.

And, mind you: That train is not taking you away to a distant land. It just keeps you financially intact so you can stay around to fight. Fight for your right. Fight for your freedom, for the future of ordered Liberty in the world. For your country - because your country is being sold down the river called "Rio Grande."

Just in case you kept your whistle clean and didn't drink too much of whatever it is that they put in the drinking water these days to keep Americans so docile and complacent (getting revved up only about things like what Israel is doing to Palestine instead of worrying about what Bush, the neocons, and the nice folks from Goldman Sachs who finance them all are doing to their own country).

Just in case, you might want to visit - and explore - this web site to find out what concrete steps you can take to stop them cold in their tracks.

For, if you do nothing to save this country - who will?

Gold, of course, took a nice jump today, June 30, 2006, to end a good week with a bang. Up twenty- eight bucks! Not bad, but jus a foreboding of what is to come.

Monitor subscribers were treated to an e-mail yesterday that said: "If you haven't already, this is a good time to go back into gold stocks/funds," just like they were informed in time about when to get out so the recent top and drop didn't wreck their nerves too much and allowed them to keep their powder dry.

It's amazing how observing things for a while and learning how those string-pullers behind the scenes think and act, allows you to eventually start predicting things to a certain extent, sometimes with astonishing - and frightening - accuracy.

So, my prediction is: If you don't do anything about it, soon, your country will be - gone.

If you are not an American, this may not concern you very much right now - but it will before long. If the psychedelic social and political concoction Americans have been drinking for the past five decades proves too potent for them, people in other countries will feel a decisive and rather quick lurch toward administrative tyranny.

It's the age of the new, corporate socialism.

Corporations - whether financial or otherwise - are supplying the "leadership" talent for big government. Profits, wealth, and relative privacy will be reserved only for them. You will not be allowed to partake in those privileges. Sorry, bud!

Instead, you will be a human battery.*

Got guts?

Then fight!


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