• 2 days China Slaps Alibaba With Record $2.75B Antitrust Fine
  • 3 days The Pandemic Has Culled The Middle Class
  • 4 days Legacy Automakers See Massive Spike In Sales
  • 5 days Tesla's Biggest Competitor Is Going Cobalt-Free
  • 6 days Stocks That Could Benefit From Biden’s $2.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
  • 8 days The Mafia Has Expanded Its Influencer Under COVID-19
  • 9 days How Fintech Will Get Skeptics Into Crypto
  • 10 days Monday Markets Rise On Stellar Jobs Report
  • 13 days Not Even Bribery Allegations Can Crush Cannabis Boom
  • 17 days Canada May Become Leader In Booming Battery Market
  • 18 days Nearly 42% Of All Amazon Reviews Are Fake
  • 19 days Kidnapping Is Big Business In Nigeria
  • 20 days COVID Fraud Amounts To Nearly $570M
  • 23 days Art Is Now An Algorithm
  • 24 days TikTok Threatens America, Tesla Threatens China
  • 24 days Small-Cap Energy Sectors With Big Upside
  • 28 days Coinbase Valued At $68 Billion Ahead Of IPO
  • 30 days 3 Stocks To Watch Amid AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine Snafu
  • 31 days Get Ready For First Tax Hike Since 1993
  • 34 days Tech Majors Bet Big On Clean Energy

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Alex Kimani

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Alex Kimani is a veteran finance writer, investor, engineer and researcher for Safehaven.com. 

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