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Adam Brochert

Adam Brochert

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Markets and cycles are my new hobby. I've seen the writing on the wall for the U.S. and the global economy and I am seeking financial salvation for myself (and anyone else who cares to listen) while Rome burns around us.

  • Castles Made of Sand

    Published 09 June 2010 | viewed 0 times

    As Jimi Hendrix sang: And so castles made of sand melts into the sea eventually Debt-backed paper currency is always a castle made of sand…

  • Just A Bear Having Fun

    Published 05 June 2010 | viewed 0 times

    It is un-American to be bearish on anything besides Gold and silver. Only evil, greedy speculators would bet against stocks. Only kooky people with guns…

  • Monetary Aggregates - Watch Out Paperbugs!

    Published 02 May 2010 | viewed 0 times

    The whole M1/M2/M3/MZM (among others) monetary aggregate thing is pretty dry and I am no expert on which one is most important and the fine…

  • More Bearish Food For Thought

    Published 01 May 2010 | viewed 0 times

    I do not believe in "pure" technical analysis (i.e. in a vacuum). Knowing that we are in a secular general stock bear market and secular…

  • Guess Who's Coming Back to the Gold Patch?

    Published 25 April 2010 | viewed 0 times

    The public just got a little bit interested again on Friday. This is a good sign. I now follow the Rydex Precious Metals Fund as…

  • Trees, Meet the Forest

    Published 25 April 2010 | viewed 0 times

    Many people like to look at Japan as instructive relative to the current situation facing the United States (and most of Europe). The current strong…

  • Keep Your Eyes on the Golden Prize

    Published 14 April 2010 | viewed 0 times

    Gold's bull market is starting to get warmed up again. The gains ahead in Gold are going to be greater than what we have seen…

  • It's Rational to Expect the Irrational During This Gold Bull

    Published 03 April 2010 | viewed 1,088 times

    I can promise you that the hard Gold bull crowd had to sit thru YEARS of irrational market behavior in the general stock market leading…

  • More Ugly Housing Data

    Published 19 March 2010 | viewed 1,171 times

    Every month, tout TV and mainstream financial sites like Yahoo! Finance and Marketwatch re-print propaganda pieces from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and other…

  • Natural Gas - A Small Example of Acceptable Fraud

    Published 16 March 2010 | viewed 1,880 times

    I have been keeping an eye on natural gas and I love the way the chart looks right now for a trade. But trying to…

  • The Paper Bubble

    Published 11 March 2010 | viewed 2,928 times

    Talk of a Gold bubble over the past 6-9 months grows louder and louder. It is comical and a sign of desperation among those losing…

  • Let Them Eat Paper - Qu'ils mangent de papier

    Published 03 March 2010 | viewed 2,298 times

    "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" or "Let them eat cake" has become a phrase used to denote the obliviousness and selfishness of the ruling establishment.…

  • The Measuring Stick Illusion

    Published 01 March 2010 | viewed 1,505 times

    In a world gone mad with paper debt ticket orgies, maintaining the purchasing power of one's savings is difficult. The more debt-based currency entries that…

  • Gold Stock Fractal Dreamin' - On the Threshold

    Published 26 February 2010 | viewed 1,997 times

    Looking for repetitive patterns, or fractals, in markets is something I enjoy. I know I need another hobby, but knowing what's happened in the past…

  • Research On the Central Fund of Canada Screams "Buy Precious Metals and Miners"!

    Published 21 February 2010 | viewed 3,477 times

    I was doing some research on the Central Fund of Canada (ticker: CEF), which is a form of "paper" Gold and silver with a long…

  • Desperate Times and Desperate Measures

    Published 18 February 2010 | viewed 3,326 times

    Things are going to continue to get darker economically. Nothing has been solved but massive currency debasement has already occurred to try to stem the…

  • Of Course There Will Be More Bailouts

    Published 07 February 2010 | viewed 2,871 times

    Public and private debt will be printed up out of thin air and used to replace the bad private and public debt plaguing the financial…

  • Gold Stock Bugs - Need a Boost?

    Published 28 January 2010 | viewed 2,634 times

    Sentiment is terrible in the Gold patch right now, which is what's usually needed to form a lasting bottom. It's so bad that people are…

  • The Slippery Slope Steepens

    Published 11 January 2010 | viewed 5,083 times

    The United States is rather rapidly sliding into a fascist-type state (you can use the "corporatism" euphemism if the truth is too difficult to swallow).…

  • Still Here, Still Bullish on Gold and Gold Stocks

    Published 08 January 2010 | viewed 2,423 times

    Still all in on Gold and the Gold sector. My Gold is not for sale or trading, it is my cash and cash is king…