• 1 hour World's Largest Wealth Fund Dives Back Into Oil
  • 3 hours The $250 Trillion Global Debt Bubble Is About To Burst
  • 19 hours Gold Smashes Through $1,400 As Global Uncertainty Mounts
  • 22 hours Can $50 Billion Bring Peace To The Middle East?
  • 1 day Bernie Sanders Proposes $1.6 Trillion In Student Loan Forgiveness
  • 1 day Using Chrome? You May Be Sacrificing Your Privacy
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  • 5 days US Consumer Debt Is Worse Than Ever
  • 5 days Tariffs Jeopardize $1 Trillion In Energy Investments
  • 5 days Smart Money Is Betting Big On Gold
  • 6 days The World’s $100-Billion-Club Now Has Three Members
  • 6 days How Did 7 Million Tons Of Venezuelan Gold End Up In Africa?
  • 6 days Americans Are On A Crash-Course With Credit Card Debt
  • 6 days The Mining Industry Is Staging A Comeback
  • 7 days Opioid Producers Face Bankruptcy As Federal Crackdown Accelerates

Bud Conrad

Bud Conrad

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Bud Conrad holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. He has held positions with IBM, CDC, Amdahl, and Tandem. Currently, he serves as a local board member of the National Association of Business Economics and teaches graduate courses in investing at Golden Gate University. Bud, a futures investor for 25 years and a full-time investor for a decade, is also a regular lecturer for American Association of Individual Investors. In addition, as chief economist at Casey Research, he produces original analysis for Casey Research, including unique charts and research on the economy and investment markets.

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