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David Petch

David Petch

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Update of the AMEX Gold BUGS Index

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    From last week, the upper 55 MA Bollinger band (in circled red) is at 287, up from 279 the past week (index was at 270…

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    Note: This article was originally posted on 05-12-2005 I am going to be exercising caution in the interpretation of the HUI in this update. Figures…

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    The chart below illustrates the average price of gold silver and gold/silver ratio since 1833. Data prior to 1970 for gold is not useful, due…

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    The lower Bollinger bands are well beneath the index, suggestive a bottom is in. The upper Bollinger bands are declining to meet the index, so…

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    Published 11 October 2005 | viewed 6,393 times

    I am only going to be updating the S&P due to the amount of time reworking the higher Degree Elliot Wave count. There is nothing…

  • Update of the S&P 500 Index

    Published 16 September 2005 | viewed 6,283 times

    All of the green lines represent multiple Fibonacci price extensions of the pattern. Darker lines represent Fib clusters, suggesting important support/resistance levels. The next level…

  • Update of the US Dollar Index (USD)

    Published 26 August 2005 | viewed 6,021 times

    I read this morning that global currencies expanded by 20% last year. As I mentioned a few months ago, the Chinese are expanding their currency…

  • Rodney Dangerfield of the Oil Sand Stocks

    Published 08 August 2005 | viewed 24,636 times

    There is one oil sand stock I have followed for the past eight months and until a huge 48% move on Thursday, it has simply…

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    This editorial is a summary of why deflationists are wrong about being at the cusp of a deflationary event. One article brought into the light…

  • Peak Oil and What It Means to You

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    Peak oil has been of hot debate lately, with many naysayers saying there is a huge oil well to the center of the planet. With…

  • Brief USD, HUI and S&P Update

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    US Dollar Index I have spent a long time doing charts this AM to try and figure out the possibilities of the USD index and…

  • Update of the AMEX Oil Index

    Published 03 June 2005 | viewed 5,850 times

    The continued surge in the price of oil confirms that oil supply is scarcely meeting demand. The excess demand is coming from China and India…

  • TNX Update

    Published 22 May 2005 | viewed 6,266 times

    The patterns have clearly become bearish, with the TNX heading down for the next 2-4 weeks minimally. The short-term stochastics had the %K curl down…

  • AMEX Gold BUGS Index (HUI)

    Published 02 May 2005 | viewed 4,406 times

    The HUI with 10-minute data is shown below. The 21 and 34 MA Bollinger band envelopes are tight, suggesting a move to the upside or…

  • Bread and Circuses

    Published 01 April 2005 | viewed 5,878 times

    Bread and Circuses is defined as "Offerings, such as benefits or entertainment, intended to placate discontent or distract attention from a policy or situation". In…

  • AMEX Oil Index (XOI)

    Published 19 February 2005 | viewed 5,729 times

    The XOI continues to advance as expected, however, the index has 3-4 weeks remaining prior to a top being put in. The upper Bollinger bands…

  • Paddled and Shocked

    Published 13 February 2005 | viewed 7,314 times

    The lower 55 MA Bollinger band hooked up, suggesting the bottom is now in place. I go to work during the day and tinker with…

  • De-Constructing HUI - A Technical Road Map

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    The article today is an important technical breakdown of the HUI and the implications that certain components of the wave structure are pointing to preferred…

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    I first want to state the AMEX Gold BUGS Index is still in the running correction. Refer to this thread to follow the "You are…