• 13 mins The Tech That Will Shape The Future Of Megaprojects
  • 2 hours What Role Will The Saudis Play In Tesla's Private Listing?
  • 18 hours Investors Flee Emerging Markets Amid Lira Crisis
  • 19 hours Startup Aims To Attract Young Renters With Savvy Tech
  • 20 hours The Last Frontier For Artificial Intelligence
  • 21 hours EU Companies Struggle To Pick Sides In U.S.-Iran Dispute
  • 22 hours Turkey’s Currency Crisis Raises Fears Of Contagion
  • 1 day Could Gold Fall Below $1,000?
  • 1 day Markets Open Higher Despite Ongoing Turkish Crisis
  • 2 days Why Gold Investors Should Ignore The Swings
  • 3 days Stock Buybacks Poised To Eclipse $1 Trillion
  • 4 days Google Accepts Chinese Censorship For Big Payout
  • 4 days Baltics Want to Pull The Plug On Russian Power
  • 4 days Gold Demand In Iran Hits Record Levels
  • 4 days Ride-Sharing: The Next Hotbed For Cybercrime?
  • 4 days Turkey’s Currency Crisis Sends Shockwaves Through Global Markets
  • 4 days Why Rising Inflation Won’t Help Gold Prices This Time
  • 5 days Emerging Markets Hit Hard By Fed’s Trillion Dollar Experiment
  • 5 days What Is Vanadium And Why Did Its Price Just Skyrocket?
  • 5 days Greece: The EU’s Weakest Link

David Shvartsman

David Shvartsman

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

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    Well, were do we start? On the subjects of the toxic-assets plan/public-private investment partnership ("PPIP") and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's latest power grab, it's difficult…

  • AIG Funnels Taxpayer Funds to Counterparties

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    The morning's headline at MarketWatch reads, "AIG details $105 billion in payouts", but it might as well read, "AIG funnels taxpayer funds to counterparties". Well,…

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    Clean Money by John Rubino 2009. 1st Edition. 274 pages. Hoboken, New Jersey John Wiley & Sons. The bouyant stock market environment of the past…

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    Platinum and palladium have been on fire the past couple months, as you probably know. We've recently highlighted platinum's surge here with some brief article…