• 18 hours Gold Miners Brace For Seasonal Downturn
  • 1 day The Silver Plunge Continues
  • 2 days 7 COVID Vaccine Stocks To Plan Upside Moves
  • 2 days Rhodium Climbs Reaches Record Highs
  • 3 days Tesla Tumbles After Battery Day Fails To Impress
  • 3 days Three Energy ETFs To Watch This Decade
  • 4 days What To Do With $2 Trillion In Suspicious Bank Transactions?
  • 5 days How The Stock Market Predicts Electoral Victory
  • 5 days Tesla's "Battery Day" Could Deal A Blow To Cobalt Miners
  • 6 days New TikTok Deal Hopes To Bypass National Security Concerns
  • 6 days Where Will Gold Go From Here?
  • 7 days COVID-19 Is Fueling A Pastic Waste Crisis
  • 7 days Gold Output Set To Decline
  • 8 days Uber And Lyft Look To Go Electric
  • 9 days COVID-19 Is Crushing Palladium Demand
  • 10 days This ‘Once-Boring’ Tech Company Is Now Super Hot
  • 11 days Will Air-Based Protein Be Our Future Food?
  • 11 days Google Pledges To Go Carbon-Free By 2030
  • 12 days A New Twist In The TikTok Saga
  • 12 days Gold Inches Closer To $2,000

Deric O. Cadora

Deric O. Cadora

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Deric O. Cadora is the editor of The DOCument, a daily newsletter offering equity and commodity market cycles analysis, macroeconomic discussion, and general market commentary. Deric is a professional trader and a General Partner of The Rutledge Group, a managing partner of a commodity-centric investment partnership. His investment and trading experience spans two decades, during which time he formed and served as principal of a broker-dealer, managed a long/short book on the proprietary trading desk of Citi Capital Markets, worked as an independent trader, and currently serves as Chief Portfolio Manager for a commodity-centric investment partnership.

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