• 1 day Chinese Stocks Rebound After Regulatory Scare
  • 3 days Apple Stocks Falls After Blowout Earnings Report
  • 3 days The 5 Biggest IPO Disasters Of 2021
  • 4 days Crypto-Based ‘Shadow Financial Market’ Spooks Regulators
  • 7 days Ireland Balks At Biden’s Global Tax Plan
  • 10 days Robinhood To Trade On Nasdaq Targeting $32B Valuation
  • 14 days Facial Recognition Is Watching You
  • 15 days Biden’s $3.5T ‘Human Infrastructure’ Workaround
  • 15 days The Fed’s $3 Trillion Headache
  • 18 days Why Bitcoin Could Struggle To Recover After Epic Crash
  • 18 days Wells Fargo Back In The Spotlight Over Personal Loan Cancellations
  • 19 days Delta Variant Real Threat To Economic Recovery
  • 22 days JEDI Drama Continues With Microsoft Contract Cut
  • 24 days DiDi Shares Take a Beating From Chinese Regulators
  • 25 days Thousands Of Companies Hit In Latest Ransomware Attack
  • 25 days Jobs Report Has Big Numbers, But Still Big Problems
  • 26 days Robinhood’s ‘Mission’ Questioned in $70M Fine
  • 29 days Didi Just Went Public, And Uber Is Loving It
  • 30 days Islamic Finance On Track To Hit $3.7 Trillion
  • 31 days The Lumber Bubble Is Bursting

Ed Carlson

Ed Carlson

Contributor since: 04 May 2012


Ed Carlson, author of George Lindsay and the Art of Technical Analysis, and his new book, George Lindsay's An Aid to Timing is an independent trader, consultant, and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) based in Seattle. Carlson manages the website Seattle Technical Advisors.com, where he publishes daily and weekly commentary. He spent twenty years as a stockbroker and holds an M.B.A. from Wichita State University.

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