• 49 mins Police Bust China’s Largest Bitcoin Hacking Scheme
  • 3 hours Venezuela Undergoes “One Of The Greatest Currency Devaluations Ever”
  • 19 hours Gold Is Up But Bears Still Have The Advantage
  • 20 hours Consumers Show ‘Extraordinary’ Shift In Sentiment
  • 21 hours Uber Falling Victim to Investors’ Short-Term Thinking
  • 22 hours Has Eastern European Economic Growth Hit A Ceiling?
  • 23 hours Wall Street Confident In Trade War Breakthrough
  • 1 day Emerging Market Woes Spark Surge In Bitcoin Trading Volume
  • 1 day Saudis Sovereign Wealth Fund Eyes Tesla Rival
  • 2 days Inflation Wipes Out Wage Growth
  • 3 days Turks Flock To Safe Haven Assets As Lira Plummets
  • 4 days Did North Korean Hackers Just Steal $13M From Global ATMs?
  • 4 days Asian Tech Stocks Rebound After A Tough Week
  • 4 days Switzerland Bans New Audi, Mercedes, Porsche Imports
  • 4 days Sealing Off The North Korea Smuggling Loophole
  • 4 days This Tech Giant Is Pushing For Blockchain Adoption
  • 4 days Venezuela’s Gold Reserves Are Reaching Critical Levels
  • 5 days Brexit Woes Weigh On The British Pound
  • 5 days Forget Turkey, This Is The Biggest Threat To European Finance
  • 5 days There’s No Hiding From Google

Gary Deduke

Gary Deduke

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Gary Deduke is a Senior FX Analyst at FX Money Trends, a research firm catering to professional traders.

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