• 47 days Could Crypto Overtake Traditional Investment?
  • 52 days Americans Still Quitting Jobs At Record Pace
  • 54 days FinTech Startups Tapping VC Money for ‘Immigrant Banking’
  • 57 days Is The Dollar Too Strong?
  • 57 days Big Tech Disappoints Investors on Earnings Calls
  • 58 days Fear And Celebration On Twitter as Musk Takes The Reins
  • 60 days China Is Quietly Trying To Distance Itself From Russia
  • 60 days Tech and Internet Giants’ Earnings In Focus After Netflix’s Stinker
  • 64 days Crypto Investors Won Big In 2021
  • 64 days The ‘Metaverse’ Economy Could be Worth $13 Trillion By 2030
  • 65 days Food Prices Are Skyrocketing As Putin’s War Persists
  • 67 days Pentagon Resignations Illustrate Our ‘Commercial’ Defense Dilemma
  • 68 days US Banks Shrug off Nearly $15 Billion In Russian Write-Offs
  • 71 days Cannabis Stocks in Holding Pattern Despite Positive Momentum
  • 72 days Is Musk A Bastion Of Free Speech Or Will His Absolutist Stance Backfire?
  • 72 days Two ETFs That Could Hedge Against Extreme Market Volatility
  • 74 days Are NFTs About To Take Over Gaming?
  • 75 days Europe’s Economy Is On The Brink As Putin’s War Escalates
  • 78 days What’s Causing Inflation In The United States?
  • 79 days Intel Joins Russian Exodus as Chip Shortage Digs In


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  • Martin Weiss

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  • Marty Chenard

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    Marty Chenard is an Advanced Stock Market Technical Analyst that has developed his own proprietary analytical tools and stock market models. As a result, he was out of the market two weeks before the 1987 Crash in the most recent Bear Market he faxed his Members in March 2000 telling…

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    Mary Anne and Pamela Aden are internationally known analysts and editors of The Aden Forecast, a market newsletter providing specific forecasts on gold, gold shares and the other major markets. The Aden Forecast is one of the most influential and successful investment publications in the world today. Written and published…

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    Marygwen has worked in banking and securities for 25+ years. Her first job after the University of PA undergrad and Wharton grad was as an investment banker at Paine Webber. After a stint in international commercial banking, MG returned to Wall St. as a risk-arbitrage sales trader, initially working for…

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    Matt McCracken is the founder of McCracken & Company (MAC). The MAC is a financial advisor based in Dallas, TX offering asset management to individuals and corporations.

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    Matt Machaj, PhD, is an economist whose research is focused on the monetary policy, the gold standard, and alternative monetary regimes. Matt is a university professor, blogger, publicist, founder of the Polish Mises Institute branch, member of Property and Freedom Society, and laureate of Lawrence Fertig Award.

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    Menno Troyer is a TDV Subscriber and a pioneer of the Free State Project.

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    During the day Merv practices his engineering profession as a Consulting Aerospace Engineer. Once the sun goes down and night descends upon the earth Merv dons his other hat as a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and tries to decipher what's going on in the securities markets. As an underground surveyor…

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    Editor at Oilprice.com, Writer at CryptoInsider.com

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    Michael Kern is a newswriter and editor at Safehaven.com, Oilprice.com, and a writer at Macro-Investing.com.

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    Michael Scott majored in International Business at San Francisco State University and University of Economics, Prague. He is now working as a news editor for Safehaven.com and Oilprice.com. He also manages two other websites La Buena Cheve and Poolpo Marketing.   

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    Michael Finger is Communications Specialist for Euro Pacific Capital, a registered broker/dealer with 6 offices across the country.

  • Michael Pento

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    Michael Pento produces the weekly podcast "The Mid-week Reality Check", is the President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies and Author of the book "The Coming Bond Market Collapse."

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    Michael Pollaro is a retired Investment Banking professional, most recently Chief Operating Officer for the Bank's Cash Equity Trading Division. He is a passionate free market economist in the Austrian School tradition, a great admirer of the US founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and a private investor.

  • Michael Lombardi

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    Michael bought his first stock when he was 17 years old. He quickly saw $2,000 of savings from summer jobs turn into $1,000. Determined not to lose money again on a stock, Michael started researching the market intensely, reading every book he could find on the topic and taking every…

  • Michael Finger

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    Michael Finger is principal of Centinel Consulting, a marketing and economic consultancy based in Portsmouth, NH. Michael has worked in real estate development and on Wall Street, through which he developed a keen understanding of economic forecasting, direct marketing, and public relations.

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    Michael Noonan is a Chicago-based trader with over 30 years in the business. His sole approach to analysis is derived from developing market pattern behavior, found in the form of Price, Volume, and Time, and it is generated from the best source possible, the market itself.

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    The Grandfather Economic Report -- Graphic presentation reviewing economic issues facing todays generation compared to prior periods, on: family income, debt, savings, government spending and size, trust funds, education quality, social security, regulations, taxes, inflation, productivity, foreign trade and exchange, voter turnout, trust, celebration, national security, energy, and health care/life…

  • Michael Finger

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    Mike Finger is Director of Marketing Communications at Euro Pacific Precious Metals and Editor of Peter Schiff's Gold Letter.

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    Michael S. Rozeff is a retired Professor of Finance living in East Amherst, New York. He is the author of the free e-book Essays on American Empire.

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  • Michael Ashton

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