• 13 hours Institutional Movement Reinforces Bullish Sentiment In Crypto Markets
  • 1 day $100M Saudi Payment For Syria Fails To Help ‘Davos in the Desert’
  • 1 day Supply Issues Weigh On Pot Stocks As Canada Goes Legal
  • 2 days CME Bitcoin Futures Surge As Bullish Sentiment Grows Louder
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  • 2 days American Steel Downgraded As Trade War Escalates
  • 3 days From Gold To Bitcoin: The Evolution Of Money
  • 3 days Italy Budget "Not Compatible With Commitments That Exist In The EU"
  • 3 days U.S. Deficit Defies Economic ‘Boomtime’
  • 3 days Saudi Business At Stake Over Journalist Murder Allegations
  • 4 days Trump Bails On Coal Industry Incentives
  • 4 days Google Opens Up About "Project Dragonfly"
  • 4 days Retail Sales Rebound, But Is It Enough To Post Positive Earnings?
  • 4 days Stocks Continue To Slide As Economic Fears Fester
  • 5 days Where Does The True Value Of Gold Lie?
  • 5 days Bitcoin Soars Amid Tether Drama
  • 5 days Fake Cheese, Hooters, And Big Banks: The Millennial Market Hitlist
  • 6 days “Enormous Piles Of Cash” Are About To Return To The Market
  • 7 days UAE Approves ICOs As Equities Markets Lose Momentum

Michael Kern

Michael Kern


Contributor since: 21 Feb 2018


Michael Kern is a newswriter and editor at Safehaven.com, Oilprice.com, and a writer at Crypto Insider. Michael has several years of experience covering cryptocurrencies, and has participated in a number of Intial Coin Offerings in various roles. As a long-time follower of the space, Michael has extensive knowledge of both the technology behind cryptocurrencies and the geopolitical/economic implications of adoption. 

  • Institutional Movement Reinforces Bullish Sentiment In Crypto Markets

    Published 19 October 2018 | viewed 1,136 times

    A line-up of analysts had predicted that Bitcoin would hit $50,000 by the end of this year, but that was back in the first quarter,…

  • CME Bitcoin Futures Surge As Bullish Sentiment Grows Louder

    Published 18 October 2018 | viewed 223 times

    The price of bitcoin had remained relatively stagnant over the past two months, but investors appear to be quietly gearing up for a rally, at…

  • From Gold To Bitcoin: The Evolution Of Money

    Published 17 October 2018 | viewed 395 times

    Time and time again, gold naysayers have gone to great lengths to dispel its value. “You can’t eat gold,” they would say. This was, apparently,…

  • Bitcoin Soars Amid Tether Drama

    Published 15 October 2018 | viewed 337 times

    Cryptocurrency markets rallied on Monday morning, with bitcoin leading the charge. Bitcoin climbed as high as US$7,000 on some exchanges, marking largest single-day rally in…

  • Fake Cheese, Hooters, And Big Banks: The Millennial Market Hitlist

    Published 14 October 2018 | viewed 787 times

    Anyone with any real appreciation for cheese won’t lose any sleep over the fact that U.S. sales of processed American cheese have seen four straight…

  • UAE Approves ICOs As Equities Markets Lose Momentum

    Published 12 October 2018 | viewed 776 times

    With Gulf region equities markets weak and declining, and IPOs shedding momentum, the UAE has announced plans to introduce initial coin offerings (ICOs) with new…

  • Why Brazil’s Presidential Election Matters For Markets

    Published 11 October 2018 | viewed 343 times

    Populism is no longer a wave, but a tsunami--and its next target is Brazil. Dubbed by some as “Brazil’s Donald Trump”, far-right presidential candidate Jair…

  • Latin America’s Love-Hate Relationship With Crypto

    Published 11 October 2018 | viewed 892 times

    Latin America is an often-over-looked region in the crypto-space, but that’s beginning to change. With a population double that of the United States and rapidly…

  • India May Be Planning Its Own Government-Backed Cryptocurrency

    Published 10 October 2018 | viewed 1,657 times

    A review panel created by India’s finance ministry to determine a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in the country has suggested India launch its own cryptocurrency.…

  • Big Tech Against The Wall As Privacy Concerns Mount

    Published 09 October 2018 | viewed 378 times

    Alphabet is shutting down the Google+ social network over the exposed data of half a million users since 2015, and last month, Facebook revealed that…

  • Turning Wasted Natural Gas Into Bitcoin

    Published 08 October 2018 | viewed 1,548 times

    Bitcoin miners have become energy hunters, scouring the world for cheap electricity. When most people think about bitcoin mining operations, they imagine hydro-powered warehouses in…

  • ‘Spy Chips’ Add To Trade War Worries

    Published 06 October 2018 | viewed 729 times

    A day after JP Morgan moved to downgrade China stocks, calling a “full-blown trade war” for 2019 with the U.S., Asian tech stocks are taking…

  • The Secret To China’s Tech Sector Boom

    Published 03 October 2018 | viewed 710 times

    Chinese tech IPOs are crushing it, and this year, China is dominating on the U.S. market. They’re going public at a faster rate than their…

  • Is This The Beginning Of The End For Facebook?

    Published 02 October 2018 | viewed 454 times

    Facebook’s security protocols are once again under fire following a new security breach that affected over 50 million users. On Friday, September 28th, the social…

  • The “Agency Of Robots” Behind Burger King’s Latest Ad Campaign

    Published 30 September 2018 | viewed 1,181 times

    Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be making great leaps forward in automated driving and in transforming the manufacturing workplace, but it’s still not human enough…

  • Secretive Crypto Miner Opens Its Books Ahead Of IPO

    Published 27 September 2018 | viewed 533 times

    Chinese crypto mining giant Bitmain—a longtime, secretive crypto powerhouse with 30 percent of its assets in cryptocurrencies—has finally opened up its books for all to…

  • Have Emerging Markets Finally Bottomed Out?

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    U.S. stocks are outperforming and Morgan Stanley thinks the trade war has already been priced in, so it’s upgrading emerging market currencies because it sees…

  • Is It To Cut And Run On The S&P 500?

    Published 20 September 2018 | viewed 652 times

    It’s time to cut and run on U.S. equities, and—though the prevailing currency crises might not seem like a good place to park your cash—the…

  • Hacks, Bugs And Exploits: Growing Pains For The $4 Billion Blockchain

    Published 19 September 2018 | viewed 1,946 times

    It has been just over four months since the EOSIO blockchain officially launched, and while it is still young compared to Ethereum or Bitcoin, it…

  • Mastercard’s New Global Trade Hedge

    Published 15 September 2018 | viewed 421 times

    Mastercard is hedging its bets that we’ve only seen the beginning of the global trade, and it also thinks the entire procure-to-pay process for companies…