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Michael Kern

Michael Kern


Contributor since: 21 Feb 2018


Michael Kern is a newswriter and editor at Safehaven.com, Oilprice.com, and a writer at Macro-Investing.com.

  • Markets Unfazed As Inflation Hits 13-Year High

    Published 11 June 2021 | viewed 557 times

    Wall Street stocks and most financial markets have simply shrugged off news that inflation levels have accelerated to the fastest pace in more than decade.…

  • FBI Investigating 100 Types Of Ransomware Attacks

    Published 08 June 2021 | viewed 771 times

    The Covid-19 pandemic has forced major changes in our work habits, with remote work and telecommuting becoming the new norm for many organizations and employees.…

  • Senate Grills Big Banks Over Pandemic Opportunism

    Published 28 May 2021 | viewed 1,480 times

    Despite their Hallmark-esque TV commercials highlighting their customer-first priorities, banks aren’t exactly the wider public’s favorite institution, and the aftermath of the pandemic is bringing…

  • Ransomware Netted Criminals $350M In 2020 Alone

    Published 26 May 2021 | viewed 1,672 times

    Early last year, many cybercriminals pledged not to attack essential businesses during the coronavirus outbreak out of the criminal goodness of their hearts, but a…

  • Chinese Regulators Deal Another Big Blow To Bitcoin

    Published 24 May 2021 | viewed 1,812 times

    After several months on a fabulous run, Bitcoin has been hit hard over the past week, and it’s not just Elon Musk causing the carnage.…

  • The World Is Running Out Of 6 Key Resources

    Published 19 May 2021 | viewed 1,876 times

    A long-running global pandemic, a Suez Canal blockade, a deep freeze and pipeline cyber attack … all of it lays bare the fragility of the…

  • Money-Laundering Binance Probe Report Adds To Bitcoin Woes

    Published 16 May 2021 | viewed 1,777 times

    Binance Holdings, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is reportedly under investigation by federal authorities for money laundering and tax evasion. The US Department of Justice…

  • Gold Bulls Are Facing An Uphill Battle

    Published 12 May 2021 | viewed 2,237 times

    Last year proved to be a gold speculator and investor’s dream after gold prices rallied hard to hit historical highs thanks to a perfect storm…

  • Has The Dogecoin Hype Fizzled?

    Published 11 May 2021 | viewed 1,205 times

    What exactly is Dogecoin? What does the 5th most popular cryptocurrency on the planet represent or what purpose does it serve? Crypto buffs received a…

  • America's Semiconductor Shortage Is Just Getting Started

    Published 09 May 2021 | viewed 1,780 times

    The global semiconductor shortage has disrupted auto production in the United States and elsewhere, and will mostly likely last two more years. Last year, the…

  • The EU Begins Backtracking On China Trade

    Published 06 May 2021 | viewed 1,768 times

    The European Union is planning new rules on foreign investment to boost production autonomy for sensitive strategic goods within the bloc. The measures are bound…

  • What’s Included In Biden’s $6 Trillion Economic Plan?

    Published 01 May 2021 | viewed 1,889 times

      In his first address to Congress on Wednesday, President Joe Biden unveiled his ambitious and expensive economic stimulus plan in what is essentially the…

  • Beijing Launches Digital Currency To Break AliPay-WeChat Duopoly

    Published 27 April 2021 | viewed 3,832 times

    Last year, massive cracks emerged in Jack Ma’s sprawling internet and mobile empire after Chinese authorities scuttled  the much-anticipated $37 billion Ant Group listing. Jack…

  • 3 Signals To Watch For A Stock Market Correction

    Published 22 April 2021 | viewed 2,819 times

    It’s been a hell of a run, but as happens with all good things, this bull market must eventually come to an end. The current…

  • Wall Street Banks Are Back

    Published 19 April 2021 | viewed 1,850 times

    America’s largest investment banks have been enjoying a bumper earnings season, with many easily besting top-and bottom-line expectations. JP Morgan Chase (NYSE:JPM), Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS)…

  • How Fintech Will Get Skeptics Into Crypto

    Published 06 April 2021 | viewed 2,566 times

    Airline miles and hotel points are so 2010. The next round of credit card disruptors will offer something much more millennial … bitcoin rewards.   …

  • Not Even Bribery Allegations Can Crush Cannabis Boom

    Published 02 April 2021 | viewed 2,293 times

    The marijuana industry is one of the very few sectors of the economy that have continued growing amid the pandemic, and an alleged investigation for…

  • Nearly 42% Of All Amazon Reviews Are Fake

    Published 28 March 2021 | viewed 2,907 times

    Nearly 80% of Amazon shoppers say that product reviews play a big role in their consumer decision-making, but fake reviews render that a bit of…

  • Art Is Now An Algorithm

    Published 24 March 2021 | viewed 2,813 times

    Welcome to the modern-day alternative to the Flea Market. You might not be able to find an airplane crankshaft in the new digital world, but…

  • Coinbase Valued At $68 Billion Ahead Of IPO

    Published 19 March 2021 | viewed 2,857 times

    After years of being shunned on Wall Street and by traditional financial markets, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are finally enjoying their moment in the sun. Bitcoin…