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Michael Kern

Michael Kern


Contributor since: 21 Feb 2018


Michael Kern is a newswriter and editor at Safehaven.comOilprice.com, and a writer at Macro-Investing.com.  

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    The space … space has been quite the scene of legal drama recently, with everything from a NASA astronaut being accused of hacking her estranged…

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    Stock markets are inching higher ahead of Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s Friday address; however, investors are still on edge. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell faces the impossible challenge…

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    Silicon Valley has a second address, and it’s becoming much more than a summer cottage these days. Welcome to Toronto, the hottest new venue for…

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    When the average person thinks of contracts, they might think of stacks of paper, hundreds of signatures, negotiations, and loopholes, and leering legal eyes. A…

  • Cyberattacks Are Funding North Korea’s Billion-Dollar Nuclear Program

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    Back in 2006, the United Nations and the United States imposed sanctions that were intended to choke off any chance of funding for North Korea’s…

  • The First $10B Fallout From Trump War On Big Tech

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    Jeff Bezos just cashed out $1.8-billion in Amazon stock. The Department of Justice is launching a broad investigation into tech giants to see if they…

  • Lone Hacker Taps Data Of 100 Million Capital One Customers

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    A lone hacker has accessed the personal data of more than 100 million customers of America’s fifth-largest credit card issuer, Capital One, in the biggest…

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    It doesn't seem that long ago when cannabis was seen merely as the feel-good drug of choice for kids aiming to blow off steam. But…

  • Mozilla vs DarkMatter: The Cyber Espionage End Game

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    DarkMatter is a name that conjures up all sorts of … darkness, even when you don’t know who, or what, is behind it.  The truth…

  • Virgin Galactic Announces Plans To Go Public

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    The space race is heating up, with Richard Branson's space tourism business, Virgin Galactic, revealing its plans to go public by the end of 2019.…

  • The Final Shoe Drops On Germany’s Deutsche Bank

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    Forgot profits for Deutsche Bank for 2019. The German lender is undergoing a radical restructuring that will see 18,000 jobs slashed worldwide and has already…

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  • Facebook’s Libra Faces Political Backlash

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    In Latin, Libra means “balance”. In the world of finance, it could be upsetting the balance to the point of no return.  Facebook wants to…

  • Cyber Espionage And The New Cold War

    Published 29 June 2019 | viewed 2,802 times

    In 2017, spying allegations that surfaced in 2017 about Kaspersky, Russia’s premier software company. No concrete evidence was ever presented, but the scandal surrounding Russian…