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Michael Kern


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Michael Kern is a newswriter and editor at Safehaven.com, Oilprice.com, and a writer at Macro-Investing.com.

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    A year on from the Supreme Court's ruling on sports betting, U.S. states have seen a bit of wind in their sails when it comes…

  • A Banner Year For Crypto Theft, Raking In $1.2 Billion

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    Just because cryptocurrency is having a bad time of it doesn’t mean crypto thieves aren’t thriving: On the contrary, they’ve managed to nab at least…

  • Only The Dollar Store Can Survive the E-Commerce Coup

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    The highest number of U.S. closures of major retail chains on record is 7,000 in 2008--the start of the financial crisis. So what gives now?…

  • Buffett, Dimon Voice Support For Stock Buybacks

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    Stock buybacks have become a contentious issue between investors, politicians, and businesses leading the charge, but what is the real story?  Stock buybacks face bipartisan…

  • China's Economic Growth Exceeds Analyst Expectations

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    China's economy continued to grow steadily in the first quarter, exceeding expert expectations notwithstanding the continuing tariff dispute with the United States. Data revealed Wednesday…

  • Hong Kong Stock Market Surges Past Japan

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    Hong Kong has climbed above Japan to become the world's third-largest stock market, behind only the U.S. and China. The benchmark Hang Seng Index has…

  • Big Banks Face Off Against Congress

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  • Positive Economic Data Weighs On Gold

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    Rising U.S. dollar indexes and restored expectations of a trade war resolution has weighed on gold rates, with the rare-earth metal plummeting to three-month lows.…

  • Bitcoin Shocks Investors, Briefly Crosses $5000 Mark

    Published 02 April 2019 | viewed 7,303 times

    Bitcoin skyrocketed suddenly in early morning trading, promoted by an especially noteworthy high-volume buying spree, bringing bullish sentiment back into the crypto market. Regardless of…

  • Mnuchin Reports "Constructive" Talks With China

    Published 29 March 2019 | viewed 2,247 times

    Experts are expecting the continuous rally in commodities prices to continue in coming months, regardless of investor anxiety of the outcome of U.S.-China trade war.…

  • Facebook Finds Itself In Hot Water Over Advertisements

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    Less than a week after Facebook came under fire for its contentious ad practices, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has filed charges…

  • Central Banks Double Down On Gold

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    Russia is growing its gold stockpiles as analysts begin to sound the alarms, suggesting another worldwide recession might be in the making. According to its foreign reserve…

  • Airbnb In Acquisition Mode Ahead Of IPO

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    Valued at a mouthwatering $31 billion, Airbnb is now hinting that it might not IPO this year after all—but sometimes it’s better to wait to…

  • Google Faces Billions In Fines From European Regulators

    Published 16 March 2019 | viewed 3,285 times

    Already fined a record-breaking $7.7 billion in two years by the European Commission, the Financial Times is now citing sources who say a third fine…

  • European Union Takes Aim At Ten New Tax Havens

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    In its effort to reign the bad boys of tax abuse, the European Union has extended its alleged tax haven countries blacklist by adding ten…