• 8 hours Morgan Stanley And Goldman Sachs Are Betting Big On This Budding Industry
  • 9 hours Global Corporate Debt Soars To $9 Trillion
  • 11 hours The Fed’s Slippery Slope
  • 13 hours Precious Metals Pulled Ahead Of The Pack In The First Half Of 2020
  • 14 hours Tesla Faces $20 Billion In Short Interest
  • 15 hours China's Economic Recovery Remains Tepid
  • 17 hours Silver Inches Closer To $20
  • 18 hours The Secret Life Of Lithium
  • 1 day The Pandemic Proof $53 Billion Industry Wall Street Can’t Ignore
  • 1 day Will Gold Hit $2,000?
  • 2 days Trump’s Proposed Regulation Could Slow The ESG Boom
  • 2 days India To Auction 41 Coal Assets
  • 3 days Eldorado Sees Gold Production Soar In Second Quarte
  • 4 days Do Gold Stocks Still Have Upside Potential?
  • 4 days The S&P 500’s Top Companies Hold $2.5 Trillion In Debt
  • 5 days Electric Vehicle Rebound Bolsters Battery Metal Growth
  • 5 days BlackRock Makes A Run On Asian Stocks
  • 6 days Gold Prices Surge Above $1,800
  • 6 days Chinese Stocks Soar On Bullish Economic Data
  • 7 days Apple’s “Holy Grail Of Data” Leaves Energy Traders Disappointed

Peter Ruud

Peter Ruud

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2010


Peter Ruud is a Technical Analyst with Informa Global Markets, a world-class international supplier of real-time news and analysis to market professionals in the fields of foreign exchange, sovereign fixed income and corporate bonds. He has been trading and analyzing the global markets for 10 years and is a Chartered Market Technician (MTA). His analysis is often seen in Reuters, Bloomberg and FXstreet.

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