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Ryan Jordan

Ryan Jordan

Contributor since: 22 Nov 2013


Ryan Jordan has been blogging about the precious metals since 2010. However, his interest in the precious metals markets spans nearly 20 years as both a coin collector and private trader. Ryan believes there is a lack of serious discussion of how undervalued precious metals like silver are, and he aims to explain the many reasons why people should take silver investing seriously without relying on hype, sensationalism, or scare-tactics. Ryan Jordan recognizes that assets like silver serve a dual function: one, as a real asset that can provide portfolio insurance as a non- correlated investment, and two, silver can appreciate significantly in a short period of time. Silver could be the best performing asset you could own, with or without a significant crash in the dollar, or other financial mishap. Ryan Jordan's articles have appeared at financialsense.com, gold-eagle.com, investing.com, jessescrossroadscafe.com, silverbearcafe.com, silverstrategies.com, wallstreetformainstreet.com and numerous other sites.

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